435 Rdrui/Boom LF Late Night Mythic

Hi everyone!

I am Moonfalauras. I have been a member of WoW since 2004 (long time I know) throughout my time with WoW I have been apart of different raiding scenes Casual,Semi-HC, and 6 Day a week Raiding. Now that I am older I cannot raid Hardcore any longer and I am looking for a specific raid time that starts around midnight EST once again EST if you start before midnight EST it may not work out since I will be 1hr late for raids. Below I will give a list of my achievements in WoW

Vanilla - ZG-AQ40 Cleared Server First C’thun (Yes I know Server First didnt exsist)
TBC - Karazhan - SWP Cleared Server First Kael’Thas , Illidan , KJ (Pre-nerf)
WotLK - Naxx-ICC Cleared Naxx 10 Undying - Ulduar 10/25m Hardmodes Cleared 10/25 Drakes - TotGC 10/25M Insanity 10M Mad Skill 25M - ICC Heroic 10/25M cleared 10% Nerfs =( - Hailion 10/25H Cleared
Cata - 11/13H T11 , 7/7H T12 , 8/8H T13 5% (Hurricane Sandy for my Eastcoasters) top 100 US thru xpac
MoP - MSV 7/7H , HoF 6/6H , ToES 4/4H , ToT 12/12H, SoO 14/14H US59th 10man 14/14M US top 100 CE’s
WoD - 6/7M HM US-37th before guid broke up , BRF (casual) , HFC 13/13M CE
Legion - 6/7M , 7/10M , ABT (Heroic) M+ hero
BFA - M+ Hero , TEP 6/8H

ADD MY BTAG resoguy#1905
DISCORD - moonfalauras#6790

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


Hey Moonfalauras we would love to have you over here in RBP when you get a chance take a look at this…

<Really Bad Players> is a longstanding adult guild on Blackrock seeking competitive players as we continue our progression through Battle of Dazar’alor.

Our roster is comprised of raiders who seek cutting-edge progression while divorcing from a four-night raiding schedule. As a two-night guild, we will never add another mandatory raid night, but we require exceptional (90% or better) attendance from our raiders.

Many of our raiders are online at all hours of the day running mythic+, farming islands, or pushing arena. We’re seeking similar players with personality, competitive drive, and a desire to become part of our family.

About Us

  • US - Horde - Blackrock
  • Sun & Mon 7:00 - 11:00 PST Raids
  • [3/8M, 8/8H] Eternal Palace
  • [9/9M] Battle of Dazar’alor - Cutting Edge, [8/8M] Uldir - Cutting Edge
  • Loot Council
  • Discord Voice

Recruitment Goals
We’re currently looking for core position DPS.

  • High : Warlock, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest
  • Medium : All exceptional DPS

Our raiding spots are performance based, so exceptional players should always apply regardless of our current goals.

Our website holds in-depth information about our raiding expectations and requirements along with our application. Visit us at the link below:


Contact Us
Submitting an application is the best way of starting a conversation if you’re interested, but if you have other questions feel free to contact us directly.

  • Guild Master/Healing Officer : Solemnity#1999
  • Recruitment Officer : Stridulent#1581 or in Discord, Stridulent#1603 (preferred)