434 Protection Warrior 2300+ LF Active Raid and M+ Guild

434 Protection warrior LF Mythic raid guild and M+ guild. Have been playing since vanilla day one in 2004. Can also do Fury if needed, but strongly prefer tanking. I’m online frequently, and enjoy Heroic/Mythic Raid, M+, and wouldn’t mind PvP here and there if needed. Happy to transfer servers as well. Check me out on RaiderIO at Vorash-Zul’Jin

Hey Vorash!

<We Don’t Wipe> on Zul’jin is recruiting for M+ and social/casual players as well as PvP! We do have a raid team that is AOTC focused running as well.

We have an active discord, events weekly, and players running M+ daily.

I’d be happy to chat with you more about our guild if you are interested. You can message me on Discord Mabes#0639

Hi Vorash!

Would love to talk more
Discord: GeoffFromHelix#7688
Bnet: Geoff876#1884

Hey Vorash,

Fully Torked (full guild post here), is a 8/9H Sunday 6-9pm pdt guild on Kil’Jaeden. We are looking for more raiders to fill out our roster so we can push mythic raid.

If you’re interested, take a look our guild post and reach out to our recruitment officer (Bnet: Djpaulydbro#1101 or Discord: Deadrush#6667) or me (Bnet: Cavemann#1115 or Discord: Cavemann6#0006).