432 prot paladin 8/8h lf mythic raiding guild


Looking for a mythic raiding guild that is need of a tank. My goal is not cutting edge but progress far within mythic. Willing to faction change and swap realms. Please message me for more information.
BNET: Lylris #1842
Discord: Lylris #1647


Chaotic Shadows of Lightbringer
Our guild has been around for a little over 10 years now with the same leadership and the same policies. We are tight knit and supportive of each other, pushing every single raider to be the best that they can possibly be. Not only do we raid together, several of us play together on off nights.

Faction/Server: Alliance/Lightbringer
Timezone: PST
Raid Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday, Monday
Raid Times: 6:30PM - 9:30PM PST

Currently 3/8 Mythic Eternal Palace
8/8 Heroic eternal Palace

Past Progression
Our Crowning achievement was server first Mythic EN on Mok’nathal US


We encourage you to contact us if you believe are qualified, even if your class is not listed.

Any exceptional tanks

  • -DPS- -
    Balance Druid
    Elemental Shaman
    Shadow Priest
    WW Monk

  • -HEALS- -
    Restoration Druid
    Holy Paladin
    Restoration Shaman

Please Apply to https:// chaoticshadows. net/recruitment [No spaces]

Or Contact one of the names bellow
Sparky13#1561– Sparkomatic Raid Lead & GM
Grim#1602- Grym Officer & HR rep

We look forward to hearing from you!!!