~430 Fury/Prot Offspec Warrior LF Weekday Heroic/Mythic Guild

About Me:
I came back about 2 months or so ago and completely caught my main (rogue) up. I recently decided that I want to catch a warrior up and look for a second guild to raid with and be current. Some of my friends also recently came back so I’m more than likely moving this character to alliance so I can play with them. I pride myself on improvement and being current with theorycrafts around the specs I play to push the most I can out of my character. In pretty stark contrast to that, I’m pretty laid back.

What I’m Looking For

  • Alliance, preferably on Stormrage or Sargaras
  • Active guild that has a laid-back atmosphere where jokes/banter are normal both in and out of raids/M+
  • I want to push CE in 8.3, but atm just looking for heroic and maybe the first couple mythic bosses
  • Weekday schedule preferably on Thursday, Friday, and/or Monday (other weekdays are a bit random atm, but should clear up soon) after 6PM EST

Contact Info:
Discord: Pickle#8130 Bnet: StinkyPickle#1658

This is my main for anyone who wants to look up logs/raider.io in advance