428 Prot Pally - LF Guild


Just returning after a break. Preferably would like to find a guild to tank for, and grow with. Have a mage that I could potentially use as well his ilvl is 429.

A little about me:
Been playing since Vanilla, so yes I was consumed by classic for part of my break. Wow is what I come home and play to unwind after work. Been involved in some sort of serious raid team since I started playing. I like Mythic Fights and would like to get that feeling of raiding. But cannot commit to more than 3 nights a week.

Times: I am available right now Tues/Wed/Thurs - 6:30pm until about 10:30pm CST (Central Time).

Currently horde and would prefer to stay horde. However open to all opportunities. So leave me some info and lets talk!

My BNET: Bickler#1931


^^ tanks are awesome