419 Resto Druid LF Raid Group


Hello there! I’m a 419 resto druid looking for a raid team! 3/9 Mythic 8/9 Heroic BoD (Didn’t raid much last patch). Wanting to get back into raiding this go around! Exceptional healer to keep your raid team alive. Can transfer realms if need be. Also Mythic + on off nights would be an awesome bonus.

Raid Times: Pref. Eastern standard time.
BTag: Pink#11419


Hi Jujubee! We are a new guild called It Cant Be. We are looking for members to join our guild and our journey to achieve CE this upcoming raid.

We are a bunch of IRL friends who have been playing since vanilla and finally decided to make our own raid! Our leaders are 8/9M BoD Exp and are looking for members to create a fun and outgoing raid environment while downing bosses as well.

For a guild that just started last week we are currently 8/8N and 1/8H while carrying some pugs until we recruit to complete our roster! This week we plan on completing one more week of normal to gear up some players who re rolled for us and head right into heroic afterwards.

Our raiding schedule is:
Tuesday 8-11pm EST
Thursday 8-11pm EST

Here is our link in case you want to view any extra details! Hope to hear from you!

Btag - Casti15#1473


DMCG - 6/8H

Ran by Cutting Edge and former top US25 players.

Raid Schedule: (CST)

  • Tuesday: 9:30pm - 12:30am
  • Wednesday: 9:30pm - 12:30am
  • Thursday: 9:30pm - 12:30am

Application Requirements: (Minimum)

  • You should be at least 385 item level equipped in your main specialization.
  • You should have at least Heart of Azeroth level 40.
  • You should be fully enchanted, gemmed, and itemized.
  • You should maintain near perfect attendance (less than 2 missed raid per month).

About DMCG: (Simplified)

  • We do not recruit for the bench, everybody can earn a core spot.
  • We expect all raiders to put in time improving their character.
  • We want to surround ourselves with motivated and skilled raiders.
  • We expect you to maintain a friendly, constructive, and fun Guild atmosphere.


  • Swiv: Swiver#11128 (Recruitment)
  • Axl: axel#1527 (GM)
  • Mcgoon: Mcgoo#1298 (Officer)


Hey Jujubee,

Im not sure if you are wanting to stay horde or not. We are looking for a Resto Druid to add to our raid team. We are 6/8H EP and were 7/9M Bod. We raid Saturday and Sunday nights. We also have a good M+ community on off nights. If you are interested, our guild recruitment is below and you can contact me on Bnet - Cethin#11676 or on Discord - Cethin#8340.