419 BDK. 3/9 m BFD. LF M Guild. I can transfer!


Unfortunately my guild needs me to change toons often for raid nights and I don’t enjoy that so much, dpsing is not my thing as I’ve been tanking for 9 years. (I don’t like dpsing and I am very bad at it and I feel bad being a dead weight dps for the guild) and that’s purely the only reason why I need a new mythic team where I can ONLY tank. :cold_sweat: I love my guild, they’re a great, respectful and kind community so your guild/team has to be that also because I AM (; and If you take me I promise you’ll be taking an amazing and very, very reliable :heart_eyes: 419 equipped Blood Death Knight with BIS, LVL 50 neck

Tanking since Cataclysm, so nearly 9 years of tanking experience so I am not planing on switching to dps for any fight, If that bothers you don’t waste my time. :kissing_heart:
I take my role so seriously for mythic + and raids and it shows.

*** WOD ***
HFC: 9/13 M

*** LEGION**
EN: 4/7 M
ToV: 2/3 M
Nighthold 5/10 M
ToS: 5/9 M
Antorus: 6/11 M

*** BFA ***
BFD: 3/9 M

(I will only tank, so if you’re needing a tank that can dps some fights then I am not the right fit for your team. But I am willing to transfer/faction change immediately if the Guild is right for me)

Only available late nights any day of the week.
And can’t leave my btag for obvious reasons. So the only way to get in touch with me is here


Hello Arianagrande! :heart:

You would definitely have your tanking spot, but we’re not at that progression level yet. If you’re interested in helping us get there… we can grow together.

[A] Snip Snip is a casual guild rebuilding their ranks and we’d love to have you join our membership. We’ll treat you with respect and kindness (a rarity nowadays)!

Since 2007, Snip Snip has been know as an active, social guild who dabbled in raiding, leveling, and laughing along the way. Yea, all that is going to stay the same except we’re going to do it with a little more style. (I’m not sure if that means cursive or not)…

We’re going to farm more delightful rare mounts, tame or commandeer exotic pets, start RBG’s groups rolling, begin mythic raiding all while having a positive, respectful environment so everyone can enjoy this game (this is our escape from our RL). Oh yea, did I mention we’re going to goof off a lot?

In the same Snip Snip spirit, we’ll do hide-and-seek events, lotteries, raffles, and anything else our creative minds can muster. Interested? PST in game for an invite (you know you’re curious).

Hope to hear from you soon! :blush: Welcome Home!

Adorapine #1749


[US][H]<Frog Squad> is a new guild on [Area-52]. We have a slightly different approach to mythic raiding and are hoping to find enough like-minded individuals to form a 20-21 man roster.

What does this mean?

  • We raid for the challenge of it. Rather than viewing raiding as simply a means to gear we want to continue to progress until CE.
  • We don’t believe that meta raid compositions are absolutely required for progression. They can make certain mechanics easier but with good dps and attention to mechanics any raid comp should be capable of defeating a fight.
  • Rather than benching a reliable well performing guild-mate to bring in a pug rogue/boomkin to make a meta comp we would rather rely on geared alts to fit needs. We encourage all raiders to have at least one viable alt.
  • We want to be friends with our guildies. This is a game and we should enjoy being around our teammates. If we don’t it becomes a job and that’s not fun for anyone.

Additionally, the kind of people we are looking for enjoy playing WoW. They keep their toons competitively geared and work towards capping their Heart of Azeroth without having to be told it’s required to raid.

Raiding Schedule:

Tues/Thurs 8-11pm EST

A third night for alt/heroic farms, sells, and potentially mythic alt runs will be determined once the team is built and availability of everyone is determined.


The current officer core of <Frog Squad> are all 1250-1300 rio for 8.1.5. In 8.2 we are hoping to push this to 2000+ rio. We welcome any guildmates who are interested in pushing for 2k to join us.


All roles and classes are encouraged to apply however we have needs for a tank, melee DPS and ranged DPS.

Contact Info

If you are interested in applying, please see our website: guildsofwow .com/frog-squad or message Recanna for more information.

Bnet: recanna#1260

Discord: recanna#8405


Interested in going horde at all?

wed/sun 7-10PST


Hi Arianagrande! It’s rare to find a tank nowadays that only wants to tank. And that’s what we are looking for! We are ally on Llane-Arygos and looking for a dedicated tank. Our raid times are Fri/Sat @ 10p-1a EST and currently 5/9M BoD and 2/2H CoS. We have a laid back raiding environment, we are not hardcore, but we do have progression in mind. Please add us: mabelle#1433 and vcronwen#1282 if interested to chat.


Hello Arianagrande! We are STARGAZING at Illidan. We are 3/9M BOD and 2/2H COS. We raid TUES/WED 10PM-1AM CST. We are looking for a tank and would love to have you come check us out. You will not need to switch toons at all so you are more than welcome to stay on your beloved DK. If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can also message me on discord Gambi#0794 Have a wonderful day!



I am the new Raid Lead for Clarity of Purpose>
located on Stormrage.

We are currently rebuilding the raid team after the previous raid leaders felt serious burnout and let the raid team fall apart.

We are currently looking for a strong tank in skill, but a stronger tank when it comes to community.

I am a 9/9M raider with plenty of experience with the core that has stayed with the guild. Some of our raiders and core have been in perfect as well, I even raided with Galaxygirl for a while, feel free to ask her about Arkanrose. My main focus is a non-toxic environment, with good times included.

Clarity of Purpose is 3/9M 9/9H. We raid 2 nights a week. Thursday and Saturday, from 11:00pm-2am EST. With an optional “extra” night on Monday. Which is either key pushing, glory runs (new and old), PvP or an alt gearing night.

If you are interested at all, PM at Arkanrose#2736.
Hope to hear from you, have a great day!!


Add me and we can chat.

I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We are a 13-year-old Alliance raiding guild formerly from Keal’thas.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est. (6 hrs. per week)

Current Progression :
BOD 9 of 9 Normal - 9 of 9 Heroic – 6 of 9 Mythic
CS 2 of 2 Normal and 2 of 2 Heroic

I can be reached at my btag – Geo#1668 or discord – Geomas#3175 – Take a few minutes to chat with me.

You can also add Msgrim if I am not online - msgrimreaper#1894

Appreciate your time,