417ilvl / 2589 IO Prot Warrior LF Late PST Home for S2

Howdy all! Reposing this as my last topic fell off and I didn’t have much in the way of findinbg a forever home…here’s hoping things go well with a round 2 search!

About me: I’m a long-time tank that is looking for a raiding home! I took most of BFA/Shadowlands off and have just been getting back into the swing of things since late December/early January. Since then, I have primarily focused on M+ and am currently sitting at a 417 ilvl with a 2589 IO score. My goal is to find a PST raiding/M+ guild where I can push keys and get AOTC each tier with some chill folks. If we make a push into mythic, great, I have mythic experience in prior expansions!

I have a long history of playing/raiding as a tank at normal/heroic/mythic and have also dabbled a bit in DPSing at normal/heroic/mythic in BFA as a demon hunter. That said, my heart is set on tanking so if you are looking for a swing tank, unfortunately, our interests will not align.

That said, if you give me a shot, I can promise you that you’ll be getting someone with significant experience and a passion for being your meatshield.

IMPORTANT: I am looking for a PST guild – this part is non-negotiable, unfortunately, as I am currently a grad student pursuing an MBA as well as being married with two kids. I am looking for a guild that starts around 8pm or 9pm PST that goes twice a week max any time Monday through Thursday.

Leave me your information if you’re interested! :slight_smile: