417 Holy Priest LF raiding guild

Hey everyone I’m a 417 Holy/Shadow Priest currently looking for greener pastures. Currently 9/9H 2/9M experience BoD and 2/2H CoS. Im an ex raid lead so im a decent player. Looking for somewhere that is focused on getting AoTC every expansion in a timely manner while also running a fair amount of M+. Due to work the only days i can raid is Wednesday and Thursday . Would also prefer to stay horde not looking to go Ali. If youd like to know more or have any questions drop your guild spam below and ill get in contact with you.

Would love to get you BT so we can chat.

My guild is small, but by design, so everyone has a place. Everyone has fun during raids and sociable. Most of us are 25+ in fact most of us are US Military veterans.

We raid Wed/Thu 8-10 server time and AOTC is the goal. Hitting 8.2 on normal as soon as it comes out.
Mythic + nights are Monday, though we do tend to run if we got five people on and have time.
Starting a RBG group for titles, mounts and conquest goals. Night TBD still building.

We can take you guys on trial raids before coming over and we also have a community set up for cross realmers so actually no need to swap guilds or whatever. We are just trying to have fun.

Interested please add Kendrickious#1349, ForTheHorde#119416, dagde#1338


NOSTALGIC:. is an AoTC focused guild looking to fill DPS and a healer role for 8.2. Our goal each tier is to achieve AoTC as quickly and efficiently as possible. In order to successfully meet our goal, our raiders have to meet a 90% attendance rate and a bare minimum of 30% average parsing, and above all, be respectful to other guild members. We raid Wed/Thur 8-11 server, and run/push Mythic keys for IO/completion for all raiders as a team throughout the week.

What makes this game enjoyable are the people that we run content with. If you’re looking to be a part of a friendly, helpful, and close-knit community, our guild may be a fit for you. If interested, contact Rah#1152 to set up a time to chat in Disc as well as to possibly schedule a trial run. Thank you for the time and GL in your search.

Are you looking for a new guild? Do you play other games and wish you knew other people to play with? Are you hoping to find a more friendly group to play WoW with?

Evolved was created to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature (18+) gamers who wish to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

Evolved originally started in World of Warcraft when a group of players who had been together for years decided to set out and create their own gaming community that truly felt like home. We wanted a place where players could have a fun time in a relaxed casual atmosphere but still be able to have a sense of accomplishment as a guild. Evolved was created to give its members a place to play various games together while being able to stay together in a community.

We are actively recruiting for our raid team. We are in heavy need of more melee dps and shamans of all type , but still welcome all roles who apply. Of course, you don’t have to raid to join and we don’t require you raid every night. We understand that real life comes first! We like to think of ourselves as accomplished casual raiders - we’re still casual but when it comes to getting new bosses and content down, we take it seriously while still having fun!!!

Evolved is a Horde guild on Area52. We have a well established sister guild on Proudmoore as well…

Evolved Raid Progress: Battle for Dazar’Alore: 9/9N 2/9H

Raid Schedule

Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time (EST). Optional raid night Fridays from 8:30 to 10:30 PM server time as well

We also welcome non-raiders who want to focus on more social activities, PVP, or mythic plus dungeons.

If this sounds like it would be a good home for you and you wish to apply or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the recruitment officers through BNet Kalysta#1968, Seabass#1210 or Discord Aellice#1735, Seabass#5631, . You can also do a /who Evolved Gaming and whisper any member to talk to an officer

You can apply at our forums at:

http:// Evolvedgaming. org/

Evolved Gaming is focused on building connections and friendships that grow not just in one game, but can evolve and span across many games and communities. Our player’s want more than just a bunch of random people to join them in games, but people who actually care and want to be there. We would love to have you be part of our community! We also have a sister Alliance guild on Proudmoore!