4/10M <S E V E N>Guild for the mature crowd. Tues/Thurs Raid

Added you on discord to talk some more! I am currently 7/12M looking for a group to finish up BFA with and Push hard into SL. Add me up on disc for more info on me and any question you guys need answered. Thank you.


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My Dad raided w/ this guild when it was founded, and I now have cleared 2 full difficulties of Ny’alotha w/ this guild and I am so happy to see our guild members become geared and determined and active with the ambitions of being the best we can be and having fun along the way, this guild is very accepting and thrives on the dynamic that we are more of a family then a team even though we are definitely a good one of those as well, I have found my permanent home with this guild and I hope you will as well, Hope to see you there :slight_smile: and Stay Sharp

we are 1-2 away from having a completed mythic team. A fire mage would be great!

Who likes short shorts?

Bubble likes short shorts!

Wait … what am I supposed to say again? Something about raiding?

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You shouldn’t talk about your style of shorts and impose it on Bubble @Mynian
Unless of course you want to see him in them? Oh, right, raiding yeah a fire mage in short shorts would be great.

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I just recently joined the guild and I must say, for the short amount of time I have been here for, stuff is getting done. Really looking forward to Shadowlands.

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Bump, lets get some more women in guild, lonely being the only one.

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So this one time at band camp, I found this guild S E V E N, so I joined. Y’all should do the same.

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Almost had one for you this week.


Almost, woot! Get a women healer.

Still looking for good mature players. All roles considered. If you are interested making a push into Mythic both before and after shadowlands, hit us up.

Faction changed and transferred to join S E V E N defenitly worth it! Great group of people. Just need a few more ranged dps and a healer to round out our mythic team!

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Thanks Subst. Try hard to make the guild a place people want to be. Still looking for 3-4 DPS and a healer to start mythic. We will be mythic raiding in SL and looking to get CE.

Y’all should join this rad guild you know why, becuase we’re rad.

looking for a few good DPS to available for tues/thursday raids.

^^ bumping

Good times to be had. Reach arounds to give. Digital bosses to be slain.

I’m just here for the reach arounds ngl. Also sexy tan line pics from looki truth!! Y’all should come join us though.

Downed shad. On to Hive. If you are looking for end of expansion progression hit us up.

Are you the type that would welcome a casual for SL, in this case “casual” defined as:

Veteran raider/player and former Angwe victim
Cant raid due to night shift schedule and week on work/week off work limitations
Active = Plays daily for long hours during stretches of time off
Works on things like achieves, collections, professions, and M+ with non-pug groups ( most of my friends have quit, sad face)
Would be a decent back-up raider when life and guild permit
Contributes in other ways (profs, mats, cookies, butt of jokes)

Been disappointed time and again either ending up in guilds of raid loggers/ m+ reset loggers who don’t care to do much else and only converse among their clique and cannot conceive of anything else, or guilds of casuals who log in once a month to try to get to level 87 or something and think that TBC is a yogurt store

Would love to make new friends in game and on disc and be a part of something again and will transfer/swap for the right situation. Free to a good home

(thank you for coming to my Ted Talk)