410 Shaman LF mythic guild. 4/9M

I’m looking to raid Tue/Thurs/Friday, not all three of those days but those are the days that would work for me.

I have lots of mythic Exp, and tend to parse 90% and up.

if you looking for a raider who knows their class inside and out i’m you guy

Faction doesn’t matter, just looking for a good team with days and hours that work for us.

I Have a variety of alts (melee and caster), just would need gear based on what matches your roster.

Contact at :
Discord : Downbeat #3866
Bnet Downbeat#1311

Hiya. Would love to look at your logs and go from there. We’d prefer a class that is already geared and ready to jump into Stormwall progression with us. Let me know if your shaman matches that bill. Thanks!

discord: livie#4169 bnet: livie#11751