409 BM monk tank LF Raiding guild


Hi there posting on this toon cause i would rather my guild not know that i am hunting. If you would like to see my monk please add me on Btag or lemme know and ill add you.

My monk is 409 ilvl Brewmaster and like 404 Windwalker (Currently Horde)
I have 9/9N 6/9H and 1/9M experience in BoD
cleared all of heroic normal and 2/8M uldir as well.
Currently a raid leader in my current guild and a former GM so I know how to not stand in the bad and do my job effectively.
I like to run M+ dungeons often however i prefer to dps them cause I dont enjoy tanking them to be honest.
May be open to faction transfer if the fit is right. May be open to realm transfer as well. I can raid most nights as long as its 8CST or later.
I have logs upon request as well.
If you have any other questions hit me up on here or Btag BigT#1946

Thanks for your interest!

(Jovinst) #2

Hey mate, you are at the same point we are. We would love to trial you on your windwalker! Send me a bnet invite from down below for more details!

Welcome to Casually Elite!

Team Roles
• Raid Leader: Tauntplease
• Raid Officers : Jovinst, Velonara & Shabnam

• Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H (AoTC)
• Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11 H (AoTC) 3/11 M
• Uldir: 8/8 H (AoTC) 2/8 M
• BoD: 6/9 H

Raid Times (PST) Sun/Tues: 7-10 PM

Full Schedule
• Tuesday: 7-10 PM Progression Raid
• Wednesday: 7-9 PM Alt Raid Night
• Thursday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Tauntplease
• Friday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Jovinst
• Saturday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Tauntplease
• Sunday: 7-10 PM Progression Raid
• Monday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Delair

Raider Expectations
• Show up with full enchants/gems
• Come with 40 pots (Flasks and Food will be covered)
• Watch strategy videos ahead of time, Raid Lead will post videos of the strategies we will be using.
• If you can’t make raid please post to #cant_make_raid channel in Discord.
• Members with full attendance will get first slots in Mythic Raids.
• There will be a short break half way through raid, take this time to ask for enchants and gems on newly won gear.
Required Addons
• DBM or Bigwigs
• Angry Assignments (Interface > Angry Assignments > Backdrop Color > Increase A slider until text is easier to read)

  • Recommended Addons
    • Weak Auras 2
    • GTFO

Recruitment Needs
Send me an invite in B-Net to talk if you are interested, Jovins#1628

(Sig) #3
 <Goonies Never Say wipe> 

On Zuljin US

Hey I’d love to talk to you we could use a BrewMaster for one of our mythic plus teams and WindWalker for our heroic raid group we raid one day a week on Sunday nights from 6 to 10 EST Saturday night optional normal / alt clears we are 9/9 Normal and 6/9 heroic we always get Aotc we run mythic plus 10 keys daily here my battle tag Mako#1649 hope to hear from you


sorry man looking more for a raiding guild that is pushing to AOTC, already has aotc, or is pushing Mythic. My goal is to get as close to CE as possible


Hi there, I think that Pirate Chat might be a good fit for you. We are currently looking to fill a tank slot in our group and would definitely be interested in a Brewmaster. We are 3/9M and getting very close to 4/9M and I think our times should work for you. Add me Avalyne#1478 and we can talk more. Here is our spam in the mean time:

Pirate Chat is a 9/9H 3/9M guild on Stormrage that is currently looking for a couple more players to add to our roster. The goal of this guild is to make a semi-hardcore group of dedicated raiders looking to get progression done while maintaining a light hearted atmosphere.

Shadow Priest
Holy Paladin-very high need
Tank-warrior, BM or DK preferred

Optional Alt/Heroic day- Monday 10PM-1AM EST

Our guild consists of older college students and working adults. We have an active discord community and are often running mythic keys or playing other games together.
If you are looking for a solid and active raiding guild with a mind set of having a good time and killing as many bosses as possible each tier in BFA, then add any of us on bnet and let’s chat!

Battle net ID:
Avalyne#1478 (Recruitment Officer, aka me)
Nyteblayde69#1643 (GM)
Trogdor#1234 (Dps officer)


Berserk (H)
Bleeding Hollow
Raid time - Blue team Wed/Mon 9-11:30 EST
- Sunday alt night 8pm (is not mandatory)

Hey there !
is a two raid group guild Blue Team is the second raid group within the guild. We are looking for active players with a passion to play their class and succeed in the current mythic content. We encourage a friendly competitive nature, with a positive mature approach. Blue team is in need a of a few more dedicated, skilled players with a guild first mentality, to begin working on mythic content. Team one is currently 4/9m. Team blue will be pushing to compete with team One. We have a friendly atmosphere focused on progressing with a two night a week schedule. Large amount of active players regularly running M+, Alt Raids, and PvP content.

Bnet: Immortalized#11758
Discord: Yuhmuhnuhmuh#0462


Eternal Kingdom - [A] Proudmoore (T/W/TH 630-930 PST)

Guild & Server: Eternal Kingdom US Proudmoore
Raid Times/Days: Tues/Wed/Thurs 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. PST
Current Progression: 3/9M BoD, AotC
Past Progression: 9/11M Argus, 6/8M Uldir
Recruitment Contacts: btag: Brociliande#1697, discord: AwesomeBroc#0238,
or btag: Alysshart#1101, discord: Alisondra#5186
Website: eternal-kingdom. com/
Application: eternal-kingdom. com/apply-form/?team=pantheon
Wowprogress: wowprogress. com/guild/us/proudmoore/Eternal+Kingdom/
Requirements: 40 Neck, 400 ilvl, Must be willing to farm AP/gear as necessary and research logs/sims/guides regarding your toon and the raid. Our goal is to push for CE.
Needs: Tank not DH, MW monk, Resto Druid and Ranged (mage, hunter, moonkin) >Melee. Willing to evaluate any exceptional player.

(Tapíon) #8

The Bloodborn (3/8M) in Uldir and AOTC in BFD is a two-night Heroic/Mythic raiding guild in open recruitment for Siege of Zuldazar and onwards

Our current guild needs for raid are ranged DPS and healers, but since our goal is achieving Cutting Edge, we will highly consider exceptional players whose goals and mindset align with our own.

A little on our history: The Bloodborn was formed during The Burning Crusade on Lethon. We made the decision as a guild to transfer to Illidan for the Mists of Pandaria release to reach out to more players on a high-pop server. Our guild has found success recruiting in the past, and BfA has given us a new opportunity to re-open recruitment with the goal of having a healthy roster for the Heroic/Mythic raiding to come!

A little (more) on our culture: Our guild is formed of a group of mature, close-knit players who not only try to play at their best, but also push to bring the best out in others. Because of this mentality, our core group was capable of earning AotC achievements early on for every raid tier in Legion. Our group always puts effort into making sure everyone gets their keys done for the week, provided they’re around. BfA has pushed Personal Loot universally, but our group has been running Personal Loot since its release, so loot drama is effectively non-existent between us. We trust that our members will truthfully evaluate if a piece of gear is an upgrade and will offer that piece of gear to others if not. Outside of raiding and Mythic+ keys, a lot of our members enjoy other content the game has to offer, such as rated/unrated PvP and achievement hunting, and some members also like to play with each other outside of World of Warcraft, with people teaming up in Overwatch, Diablo, and more.

Our guild uses Discord as our primary means of communication. Voice is optional, but we will require you to listen at a minimum.

We are willing to help gear out fresh toons for people trying to start a new raid on a new character as well!

Battle Tag - Vengente#11907 (Guild Leader)
Battle Tag - Papawoot#1446 (Guild Officer)

If our times are good hit me up and we can talk!


Currently looking for solid players to add to our roster. Happy with our tanks atm, but if your WW is solid, we may be a good fit, and having a player willing to tank around is always a plus. Lets chat and see if we’re a good fit.

Short version: Mythic Guild LFM Raiders

GM/Raid Lead: Xantoniel#1517 on Bnet or Xantoniel#1979 on Discord


Hello Alterego,

I think we may not fit for you although it is only two days a week. We are 1 hour past your start time. If that one hour will work get a hold of me. I will leave my info below.

I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We moved to Dalaran after running a raiding guild on Kael’thas for 13 years.

We pride ourselves on stability and a good raid environment. We also do not recruit mass amounts of people for bench, as we do not recruit for bench.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est. (6 hrs per week)

Current Progression :
9 of 9 Normal - 9 of 9 Heroic – 1 of 9 Mythic

I can be reached at my btag – Geo#1668 or discord – Geomas#3175


(Jaucen) #13

our raid times and progression would be perfect for you and wed love to have you so please feel free to get with me tomorrow if you have any questions

< Convergent >
US-Stormrage | Alliance
Monday/tuesday/Wensday 10:00PM To 12:30AM PST
Tuesday/Wesday/Thursday 1:00AM To 3:30AM EST

Current Progression:
Battle of Dazar’alor: 1/9M | 9/9H

Past Progression:
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 H
Trial of Valor: 3/3 H
Nighthold: 10/10 H
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H 3/9 M
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11H
Uldir: 2/8M 8/8H

About Us:

  • Formed During legion and Revamped At The Begging Of BFA Our Core
    leadership And Progression Team have been playing Since Vanilla And Are
    Looking To Take The Next Steps In Mythic Progression.
  • Looking To Add Consistent Players To Our Core Mythic Raid Team Based On A
    Foundation Of Trust And Friendship!
  • We Are A Very Laid Back Guild, With A Progression Mindset.
  • Being Ex military Myself We Except Any Ex Military Member Regardless Of Skill.
  • We are looking for raiders who share the same goals of end game progression.
  • We provide food/cauldron and repairs for all raiders.
  • We are a very welcoming guild with very friendly players.
  • We are looking for members to be here for a long time, and to hopefully find a
    home for future content and/or expansions.
  • We understand real life happens But We expect officers be given prior notice if
    you know you wont be able to make it to raid.
  • We use Deadly Boss Mods Weak Auras And Any class appropriate Class Mods.
  • We just wanna down things and progress in content as quickly and painlessly as

What We’re Looking For:
Convergent is looking for Talented Players who have the drive to push end game Content at a Steady Pace, Who are Open To Constructive Criticism, And Who Will Make Efforts to Put In The Work Needed To become A Better Raider.

We are currently interested And Excepting Any and All Applicants Whether your new to the game Just coming back from a break or Stuck in a Guild Thats no longer Progressing.

If Your A Consistent Raider And Put In The Effort We want You.

Class specific needs are as followed:

⦁ Blood Dk
⦁ Brewmaster Monk

⦁ Discipline Priest
⦁ Restoration Shaman
⦁ Restoration Druid

Melee DPS:
⦁ Frost Dk

Range DPS:
⦁ Warlock
⦁ Boomkin Druid
⦁ Frost Mage
⦁ Ele Shaman

We are currently also seeking exceptional DPS applications that have a healing off-spec, and perform well in both roles . That said, we encourage applications from exceptional raiders to just starting, Regardless of what we currently are looking for!

⦁ Bring your A game every night
⦁ Maintain steady attendance
⦁ Be on and ready 15 minutes prior to raid start
⦁ Be knowledgeable about your class and spec and upcoming progression
⦁ Be Willing To Learn And Put In A Consistent Effort
⦁ Be able to follow instructions and take constructive criticism

Voice Chat:

Required Addons:

Raiding Addons
⦁ DBM/BigWigs
⦁ Exorsus Raid Tools
⦁ Angry Assignments
⦁ WeakAuras
⦁ Interrupt Manager

Mythic+ Addons
⦁ Method Dungeon Tools
⦁ QE Dungeon Tips
⦁ Gotta Go Fast
⦁ Astral Keys
⦁ Raider I.O

Application Process:

If you are interested in a new home and want to join please contact a officer or If you need more information we would be glad to chat with you .

Guild leader
Mostdeadly#1655 In Game jaucen

Raid leader
Ebonbane#1309 In Game Runegazer

PUGLIFE#11768 Pugslife
gagekirk00#1844 Veyronn
Myself#1619 Ventinha
Beardisinmou#1428 Zreck


Hey There,
VodeX has just xferred to proudmoore and rebuilding our team , however we do normal and heroic clears every week ‘AOTC’ and we are looking for a tank , we are looking to reform then start pushing into Mythic. In saying that some of us have already started in mythic, but would like to push as a solid team.

Our Guild was also founded in 2012 with a recent name change that more suited us - we have very experienced Gm’s and great leadership and a fantastic community of people.

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed - Heroic 8pmst - 3 hrs Max
Thurs/Saturdays - Normal 8pmst - 3 hrs Max
We also run a community of our own as we run a lot of pug groups as well.
We are looking for reliable experienced Raiders.

We are also looking for another experienced Raid lead to be taking some of the
pressure of us, so if you have experienced with leading that is also a huge plus.

We are Alliance so you would have to do a realm and faction change.
We are very active, extremely friendly with a goal in every tier of achieving
AOTC and push into Mythic.

You sound like you would be an awesome asset to our guild, so if you are interested please add me on MissBree#11106


Meme Regime was formed in late 2013 as a 10 man guild full of friends. The bulk of us have been raiding together since BC/Wrath with a few core members being US top 50 - 100 in our prime. We like to think of ourselves as good people. However, we are self admit-tingly trollish at times. We like to have fun, and believe raiding should be something that is fun to do, not all work. We do have a serious face though.

Current Progression:
5/8M Uldir
9/9H BOD
3/9M BOD

Current Needs:
Tanks (1) Prot pal/brewmaster/blood dk

Healers (1) Resto Shaman

Rdps Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid, Hunter

Mdps (1) Ret paladin (Maybe outlaw rogue)

All exceptional players will be considered! We don’t have a problem replacing someone if you can out-perform them. Looking for the following; Any exceptional/experienced player will be given a trial for the progression group.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST*
Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST*
Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am EST*

*Invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid start time, it is expected that we are in the raid ready to pull by 9EST.

If this sounds like a good fit for you please feel free to message Amirah#3277 on discord


< Range Five > [H] Zul’jin - 4/9 M 9/9H SoD is looking for exceptional raiders to continue our Mythic Progression!

< Range Five > provides a great raid atmosphere that values performance and teamwork so that we can have steady progression towards Cutting Edge. We are laid back during farm and trash, but are serious for progression.

Raid times:

Friday 8:30PM -12PM EST
Saturday 8:30PM - 12PM EST

Recruitment Needs:
These are listed in order of priority from high to low.
Tank: Lf non monk tank
Melee: Open (except Demonhunter)
Ranged. Open (except Hunter)
Healer: Paladin, Shaman, Priest (Disc), Monk

Regardless of whether or not your class is listed above we are always welcoming of exceptional players!

What we expect:

  • Reliability. We expect you to show up on time and be prepared for raid.
  • Commitment towards the guild and progression.
  • Understand that we want to down bosses and have fun doing it. There may be some friendly banter, but it is all good fun.

Contact Info:
Feel free to contact any of our officers below.

  • Cross#12398
  • Greywolfpup#1127

(Mandalin) #17

Hi Alterego

I am more than happy to let you dps in the raid. Get in touch with me

Dungeon Crawl is an Adult Raiding Guild on Illidan with a long history. Looking for players round out the Team.{1/9 Mythic 7/9 Heroic 9/9 Normal } Experienced Raiders 385+ Raid Times T/TH 8-11 est. Fun Raiding while Progressing.

Get in touch with Mandalin #1731

(Chuntsy) #18

We are <Affix> A semi-hardcore, mythic raiding guild for the Alliance on the US-Proudmoore server. We are newly formed by a handful of talented and experienced raiders with a common goal to consistently push for Cutting Edge. We are currently seeking individuals who have a drive to improve and are able to take constructive criticism and our goal is to have a roster of 23-26 players that we can rotate in and out of fights to fit our needs.

4/9M & 9/9H AOTC Battle of Dazar’alor
5/8M & 8/8H AOTC Uldir

-Raid Times-
Progression Nights: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 7pm-10pm PST (10pm-1am EST)
Alt/Normal Raids(Optional): Sunday or Monday 7pm-10pm PST (10pm-1am EST)

-Recruitment Needs-
(Listed in level of importance, DPS with healer offspec are a huge plus.)

  • Brewmaster / Prot Pally
  • Rogues
  • Shadow Priest
  • Warlock

-How to Apply-
Contact FirstPiece#1823(Myself), coriand#1591(Raid Lead), or ryuukhang#1426(Guild Lead). You can also contact me via discord Chuntsy#0673 or in game through PM.

(Sig) #19
 <Goonies Never Say wipe> 

On Zuljin US

Hey I’d love to talk to you about tanking for our heroic raid group we raid one day a week on Sunday nights from 6 to 10 EST Saturday night optional normal / alt clears we are 9/9 Normal and 6/9 heroic we always get Aotc we run mythic plus 10 keys daily here my battle tag Mako#1649 hope to hear from you