408 blood dk

408 blood dk in search of mythic raiding guild. currently ksm with aotc and 2/8 M have experience on terros

discord: varidus#5705

Hi! Not sure your interest but i and a few friends have recently (this week) started our own guild . We’re putting a team together to quickly reclear heroic and then get into mythic. We left our previous guild with aotc and 2/8m so i expect that once we get started raiding, progression will go quickly until Mythic.

If you’re interested you can put an app in here:

https:// forms.gle/CCGhMB4ySVnFTG696

And our recruitment post here:
<Scarlet> Brand new CE Startup LFM

Alternatively you can message me on Discord: Offworld#1943

Ill add you on disc incase this gets missed.