407 3/9M CE Hpal Looking for Guild

Heya! I recruit for Bacon Pancakes on Zul’jin Horde. We’re 5/9M and raid Wed/Thurs/Sun 9:30-12 EST and we’re looking for a good holy paladin to round out our healing core.

I hope to hear from you soon at Emarline#1401 (both btag and discord are the same) :smiley:

Hey add me on Bnet to chat 6/9M with Mekka at 20% we are looking for a H pally for further progress. Tues/Weds/Thurs 9pm-12pm est



[5/9M][9/9H] // [7/8M(G’huun 0% Wipes)]

- {Thirteen Thirty Seven} of Mal’Ganis [H]-
Is Currently recruiting for Tides Of Vengeance. We’re looking to fill out our roster and push to finish with a decent ranking in the US for the Battle for Dazar’Alor.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [5:30-9PST]
  • Wednesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [530-9PST]

2 days a week. 7 hours a week. That’s it. All progression and farm we do will be done within the raid schedule. Another hour MAY or MAY NOT be added to raid for pushing top end kills.
Any other organized activities will be 100% optional.


  • Tank: Brew, DH.
  • Healer: HPAL / MW Open to ANY Strong Healer.
  • Range DPS: Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman
  • Melee DPS: Any Extraordinary Bodies

Contact Information:
GM: Kameron#1822

  • Pachyderm#1286 (Btag)
  • Loupy#1350 (Btag)
  • Wolffy#1290 (Discord)
    Discord: The Pachyderm#6698

LF a great healer to join our ranks and help push past this tier. Think you’d be a good fit as a holy paladin with us!

let me know if you’re interested


Mythic Oriented Group founded by a duo in January 2015. Looking for skilled individuals with a superior knowledge of class and spec. So that we will be able finish each tier before hard nerfs go out. Our BFA Goals are to be in the top U.S. 100.
We are looking for long term committed individuals.

Players who are unwilling to consistently find ways to improve their play and mechanical ability for the group. We want our players to always work on improving.

New Applicants (Update 2/28/18 for BFA)
Currently Looking for: PLAYERS WITH EXCEPTIONAL mechanics.
Disc/Holy Priest
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin
Mw Monk

we REQUIRE an Alt of same role

  • We are looking for EXPERIENCED, COMMITTED and DEDICATED individuals able to see the bigger picture and realize for the whole to work, the pieces must all come together.
  • Any & All DPS apply if you believe you can compete at a high level.
  • If you don’t have logs above 70% or higher, your chances here are slim.
  • PUT TIME INTO your app if you want a good chance, it’s your first impression.

US – Zul’jin - Horde

20 Man Raids
9:45 pm - 1:00 am (EST)
8:45 pm - 12:00 am (CST)
7:45 pm - 11:00 pm (MST)
6:45 pm - 10:00 pm (PST)

Endure made in January 2015 is a 4 years old guild, Semi-Hardcore progression oriented raiding guild. Active Leadership in the guild has remain unchanged, We are looking for individuals with progression of mythic content in mind.

Heya, would love to chat a bit more about us via discord. Add me if you can @ aspen#4800

Hiya, please add if interested!

The night show is a horde guild on Zul’Jin. We raid from 10pm-1am PST (12-3am Central) Sunday’s and Monday’s with optional farm on Tuesdays. We are 3/9 mythic. We need a good Hpal to round out our healing core.
Message me on discord campyourbody#2937 or bnet tim#12145 for more info

Hey there. Very interested.

Have looked at your logs already, would be interested in offering a trial if you’re interested in us.

We raid Tues/Weds 8pm-11pm PST (11pm-2am EST) and are currently 5/9 Mythic BoD. We have an immediate need for a Holy paladin for our core.

Add me. Balto#1148


We are horde on Area 52. The guild is called .

Several of our members have had multiple tiers experience in the top 30-50 US ranks.

Hey, we’re also on tichondrius and have a very strong core of ~15 CE lvl players and would love to pick you up and potentially a few more of your former raiders. Add wewehead#1412 so we can talk some more! [H] <BibleBlack> 8/9M CE Tichondrius Guild

I’ve started tossing around apps but am still searching around. thanks to everyone for the posts!

If you’re interested in an alliance morning team, here’s our spam :slight_smile:

Constant Insanity is a morning raiding guild based on Sargeras Alliance side looking to clear mythic content every tier. We are a relatively chill group of adults and most of our raiders either work alpha shift or live overseas. We spend a lot of time pushing M+ keys together on off days and after raids and have a decent amount of people with high io scores.

We only raid six hours per week and expect people to take raid time seriously, but we also put an emphasis on having fun while also clearing the toughest content. We provide food, flasks, and repairs to all raiders and expect our raiders to provide their own pots and runes.

Current BoD progression:

Raid days:
Weds 8-11am CST
Thurs 8-11am CST
Fri 8-11am CST (optional/ALT raid)

Current Needs
1 tank (would love a pally, but open to anything)
1-2 exceptional DPS (will consider any class)
1 healer (disc priest or holy pally preferred)

A good player with a positive attitude is worth more than a specific class. If you are interested, feel free to look us up on discord or add to BNET!

Discord: Kallanis#7282
Bnet: Kallanis#1220

Shuffle is a long standing semi-hardcore guild looking for more raiders to flesh out our Mythic team. While our roster comes from all over, we are primarily a group of long-time raiders who enjoy banging our heads against hard bosses. If you are looking for a mature, welcoming atmosphere to progress through cutting edge content–and you can put up with relentlessly bad puns–this could be the place for you. We are serious when we need to be however and do have certain expectations of our raiders.

BFA Progress:
– 6/9 Mythic BOD
– 8/8 Mythic Uldir

Legion Progress:

– 11/11 Mythic Antorus
– 8/9 Mythic ToS
– 10/10 Mythic NH
– 7/7 Mythic EN

Raid Times:
Tues/Wed/Thurs – 8:30-11:00pm EST

If you are interested in applying, contact one of our officers anytime:
– Woozi - Woozi#5313(Discord)/Keli#1951 (Btag)
– Grollus
– Mariuss - cojoigo#0640

9/9H 4/9M
Raid days: Tues/Wens/Thurs 10pm-1Am CST
Hey Voladis were an alliance Sargeras guild looking for DPS/Heals to finish our core going forward into BFA.
Battlenet: Mattoman0#1803

Hi Voladis! Prevenge - Laughing Skull/Cho’gall/Auchindoun [H] (6/9M, 8/8M CE) is recruiting a HPally for mythic progression. We raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM CST. Feel free to message me if interested (Eilonwy#1706 - Bnet / Braelyn#1925 - Discord).

hey man, need a phat holy paladin over here in these parts

tl;dr, guild made of ex top 10 us raiders looking to pump and build a monster roster for the next coming tiers, gonna get CE this tier too obviously

if ur in, hmu supremacy#11937

Thanatos (Burning Legion - H) is currently 4/9M in BoD. We cleared 8/8M Uldir and are looking to achieve Cutting Edge in BoD as well. We achieved CE each tier in Legion and are continuing that success in BFA. We’re a “semi-hardcore” guild that likes to kill all the bosses without getting too worked up about anything. Our guild has been around since BC and our members have a long history with one another. Outside of raiding, we enjoy doing mythic plus and rated battle grounds. Outside of WoW, we like playing other games togethers.

We raid M/T/Th 7:30-10:30 Central.

Currently, we’re looking for 1-2 roster players to bring us up to 23-24 folks for BoD. Most importantly, we’re looking for a healer and ranged DPS (warlock especially), but we will consider any class/spec.

Please respond add me on Discord (silfverberg#1161) or Bnet (matthewT#1652). You can also join our recruitment discord and submit an application: discord.gg/VeFGeC


Guild & Server: - Team 13 | Horde | Area-52 Raid Times/Days: Fri/Sat 12am-3am | Sun 11pm-2am Eastern. Current Progression: 8/8m Uldir pre-ners | 3/9m BDA Recruitment Contacts: Qt: Qts#1617 or disocrd !Qts<3#5978

Naudica Gaming
is currently looking to recruit RDPS (hunters a plus!) and a healer for our mythic raid team (3/9M) as well as players of all skill levels for our various other PvE teams, including Heroic (8/9H) and Normal (9/9N) teams.

Our Mythic team will be striving for Cutting Edge this tier, while the other groups will be getting Ahead of the Curve. Star players among the other teams have the opportunity to move up to the Mythic progression team if they show the skill and interest required to do so. The guild is founded and run by experienced raiders with the intention of providing an enjoyable, competitive atmosphere for players who excel at progression raiding, while providing opportunities for more casual players to learn, grow, and enjoy themselves. Aside from raiding the majority of our members are Mythic Plus junkies, from farming +10s to pushing high keys. We welcome any M+ farming contenders to join our daily runs.

Members of our raid teams are expected to come to each raid prepared and ready to play to their full potential. This includes having researched the fights, bringing battle potions, flasks, food, and a positive, contributing attitude.

Raid Schedule: All times are Server (PST) west coast.
G1: 3/9M 8/9H Thursday/Friday/Monday - 7:00-10:00 server time. (Mythic Progression)
G2: 9/9N Saturday/Sunday -6:30-9:30 server time.
G3: 5/9H Tuesday/Wednesday- 6:00-9:00 server time.
Our initial focus will be Mythic progression while maintaining healthy amount of weekly Normal and Heroic clears.

To chat more add plexx777#1691

If youre available weekends

Who: Cloudy Day is a semi-casual guild. 9/9N & 9/9H & 3/9M BoD. 6/8M & 8/8H & 8/8N Uldir. Late night & weekend guild LFM
What: What does it mean to be semi casual? We expect our raiders to come prepared, know their classes, and not consistently wipe the raid with easy boss mechanics.
When: Friday & Saturday @ 10pm EST to 2am
Where: Horde and high pop Zul’Jin server
Why: We are a mostly 30+ year old crowd with the core leadership having served in the military together. In our first guild run ( 17 Feb) we managed to clear 7/11H ABT. Since we started as a guild late we didnt get too far into Mythics. We are excited to see how far we can go in BfA pushing mythics casually.

Any potential trials must have logs from BoD, be ilvl 385+, and atleast 4/9H. Though we have specific needs any exceptional player(with proof from logs) will be considered.

High Needs:


A player comfortable/willing to dps or heal. IE: WW/MW - Ele/Resto - Balance/Resto - Priest/Shadow

Any high parsing DPS as mythic raid spots are competitive

Contact: Akishmi#1849 (Bnet) or AaronKish#6048 (Discord - preferred)

Hey Voladis!
on Hyjal is recruiting!
Friday/Saturday 6:30-10:30pm PST
Optionals through the week.
We are also 6/9M 8/8M!
We have a guild application at: https://goo.gl/forms/Qj0jq6Mxy10VudR32
If you have questions you can contact me at:
Bnet: Elvera#1370
Discord: Elvera#1963