405 WW /403 SP 8/8h LF Raiding Guild

8/8N and 8/8 H experience Dps looking for raiding guild. Open to transferring servers for the right fit.

Hi! Check out my forum post and reach out if we would be a fit.

Hey Smmittyy, Calamity is LFM to join us on Tues and Thursday!

[US][H][Area52] 8/8N 7/8H VotI Tues-Thurs 7-10pm EST, LFM - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Looking forward to chatting,
Strohs#11784 Bnet
Stroh#7706 Discord

Jump Off - Zul’jin Horde
AotC, 2/8 M Vault

Raid times are Wed/Sun 8 pm EST-11pm EST.
If you are interested hit me up on bnet (Lissona#1463) or Discord (Lissona#8717).

Hi There

One Night Affair is a new AOTC focused guild raiding only 1 night a week.
8/8N 7/8H

Raid Leader is a former mythic and CE player. We will focus on using our limited time with efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining a fun stress free environment.

OPTIONAL night Thur 9-11 for those looking to do a little more. What we do depends on how many show up. We either keep going where we left off, join as pugs in another raid, or form M+ groups.

Many Mythic+ KSM minded players.

Recruitment is currently open for:
All DPS Roles.
Priority on:
Prot Warrior
MW Monk
WW Monk
Preservation Evoker
Devastation Evoker


Raid times: Tuesday night 08:30-11:30 EST.

Contact Lucast

Discord Lucast#0562

Hey there. Day Raiders is a morning raid guild raiding Wednesday Thursday 8-11 AM EST. We are a laid back group that is 7/8 H expecting aotc this week. Would be happy to talk about our group.
Discord Ryaden#5511


Can you raid Fri/Sat 7-10pm PST? We are currently 8/8H and 2/8M looking for strong dps and consistent dps. My btag is vcronwen#1282.

Hey you guys are welcome to join us, we raid th/th 8-11pm est and the guild is led by a third week aotc + 2/M RL, chill group here but very disciplined.
we’re progging aotc and building a 20 for mythic atm.
find our recruitment post here for more info or add me on discord : TAL#3021

Add me on disc and we can discuss. I lead a Wed Night 7pm-11pm CST raid that is 8/8H and 1/8M but can easily push another Mythic boss or two if we can get a solid 20 man roster.

Disc: Zeniff#2369

Hey man, would love to chat - check out our recruitment post here:


Hey there! Bold may be a good fit for you!
We are 4/8M on Stormrage (Alliance)
We raid Tues/ Wed from 8:30-11:30 est and Thursday 9-11 est.
There is also an optional heroic raid on Fridays.
Hit me up on bnet for more info. Reluctor#1255

Imperfect is a guild formed by CE players coming back together, and is now looking for players to fill the last couple spots for our Mythic roster We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm - 12am EST. We will NOT extend past those times. We value our time and want to make good use of the 6 hours a week of raid. Please reach out to Drez#11420 (Bnet)/ Drez#3273 (Discord) with any questions or interest

Recruitment needs:
Holy Pally
Ret Pal
S Priest


Is a semi-hardcore progression-focused guild with a casual raid schedule. Currently, we are 8/8H and 1/8M and looking for more dedicated raiders from all walks of life with a similar mindset to bolster our ranks to continue our journey together and kill more mythic bosses.

Raid times:

Tuesday: 7-10 CST

Thursday:7-10 CST

What you can expect from triumphant:

  • Progression-focused team that focuses on end-game content
  • Free repairs and consumables
  • Nontoxic raid environment
  • Expect a lot of joking around between pulls but the game face on when the boss is pulled

What do we expect from you?

  • We do understand that emergencies and unforeseen events can happen, but we expect our raiders to be reliable and maintain a minimum of 85% attendance rate.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of your class and spec
  • We don’t expect 100% parses but we expect raiders to have a reasonable performance in raid
  • Someone who can take constructive criticism
  • A team player who helps and works with fellow raiders

More questions? let’s chat