405 ilvl Resto Shaman looking for guild

Good afternoon!

Hey, I’m reaching out as a GM of a smaller guild but one that is building up a core solid raid team as well as members for our mythic dungeons and pvp. We like to focus on our community and family, we want WoW to be fun and not just a second job. We want to progress through heroic raiding to get AoTC. Currently running mythic plus and doing the heroic raid. If you’re looking for a guild with more community that’s focused on progressing itself and it’s members then we might be for you :smiley: Our raid times have been Fri/Sat night around 8PM central until later in the night. Tend to do mythics daily as long as someone’s on and ready!

Astral and Hypnotic on Turalyon Alliance both need healers. Maybe check them out.


[4/9M][9/9H] // [7/8M(G’huun 0% Wipes)]

- {Thirteen Thirty Seven} of Mal’Ganis [H]-
Is Currently recruiting for Tides Of Vengeance. We’re looking to fill out our roster and push to finish with a decent ranking in the US for the Battle for Dazar’Alor.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [5:30-9PST]
  • Wednesday - 8:30PM-12:00AM EST [530-9PST]

2 days a week. 7 hours a week. That’s it. All progression and farm we do will be done within the raid schedule. Another hour MAY or MAY NOT be added to raid for pushing top end kills.
Any other organized activities will be 100% optional.


  • Tank: Brew, DH.
  • Range DPS: Warlock, Mage, Elemental Shaman
  • Melee DPS: Extraordinary Bodies

Contact Information:
GM: Kameron#1822

  • Pachyderm#1286 (Btag)
  • Loupy#1350 (Btag)
  • Wolffy#1290 (Discord)
    Discord: The Pachyderm#6698

Yo! “The Remnant” is a group of friends who have played together since the BC era. Our raid environment is pretty laid back and friendly since most of us have played games together for so long, but we’re also quite competitive with one another. We currently are 3/9M. We have several players who parse 99th percentile for their item level and feel we offer a lot, we just need more bodies to help us push towards our goals. We’re currently considering any DPS or Healer applicants. If you pass your 2 week trial, we are willing to reimburse one wow token in gold for the server transfer. Raid times: Tues/Thurs 8-11 CST. Add me on bnet if interested Xep#1944

Hi Tangle,

<AfterLife> of Blackrock Horde has an immediate, desperate opening for a Resto Shaman. This is a core spot in our mythic raid team and if accepted you will be raiding right away. We do not recruit for the bench

We are a stable guild of 11 years with good core group of raiders. We always persevere through rough times and enjoy ourselves while raiding.

If interested please contact me directly (Tandris#1799) or any of our officers (see end of post).


6/9M BoD - US 200
8/8M Uldir - US 194 G’huun

7/7M EN - US 200
3/3M ToV - US 200
10/10M NH - US 300
9/9M ToS - US 236
11/11M Antorus - US 228

SOO - 14/14H US 305
ToT- 13/13H US 230

Raid Schedule/Attendance:
Sunday: Off (With alt raids)
Monday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Tuesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Wednesday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Thursday: 7:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST (10-12 EST)
Friday: Off night
Saturday: Off night

Leadership/Contact Info
The guild is led by a group of players with typically very high attendance and performance that have been raiding with the guild for years. We’re all very approachable and get along with each other well:

Tandris - - - (Raid Leader/GM)Tandris#1799
Geezpow - - - Geezpow#1332
Amorisse - - - Amor#1426

Thank you for considering AfterLife!

Heya Tangle, we would love to talk to you about joining - Mal’ganis… Feel free to add me on discord @ aspen#4800 or on Bnet @ leighh#1473. We raid from 6:30 - 9:30 CST Thursday and Friday!

Guild & Server: Iris :alliance: Emerald Dream
Raid Times/Days: Sunday/Monday 8pm-12am EST
Current Progression: 6/9M BoD, 8/8M Uldir
Recruitment Contacts: Edwalse#1978 (Recruitment)
Naaldira#1635 (GM)
Website/Application: www.intotheiris com/recruitment-1
Wowprogress wowprogress com/guild/us/emerald-dream/Iris
Requirements: Some recent mythic progression and 38+ neck.
Needs: DPS: BM/MM Hunter, Elemental or Spriest. Healers: Resto Sham or Hpally

Guild Krisp was Created on 9/15/2018, we have been raiding as a Group for over 3 Years. While establishing a laid back and friendly environment, we pride ourselves on killing the hardest content available. Our reduced schedule compared to other similarly progressed guilds allow us to spend time doing other things in game and out. If you’re a highly skilled player and share our goals, you probably won’t find a better guild out there.


  • 9/9H BoD
  • 3/9M BoD

Raid Times

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday (Mythic Only)

9:00PM - 11:30pm EST

Recruitment Needs


  • DK Tank
  • BM Monk

Healers - Need 1 Only

  • Shamans
  • Mistweavers
  • Paladin

DPS - Range Preferred

  • Warlock
  • Spriest ( High priority)
  • Boomkin (High Priority)

If you play your class at an exceptionally well level, we highly encourage you to apply regardless of class. We recruit the player, not the class.

Expectations of Raiders

Previous Mythic raiding experience

The desire to min/max your character(s) and stay on the forefront of theorycrafting

The ability to play all roles for your class effectively

Consistent TOP-TIER level of play. With a reduced schedule, we need intelligent and skilled players.

Active participation on guild discord

Ability to come to raid prepared, this includes, but not limited to, bringing enough consumables and having knowledge of fights we are working on.

Understand the need for criticism. Learn and improve from mistakes.

We are mature adults and as such, respect is mandatory to all players internally and externally.

Btag: bigdaddywuwu#1311 or Phavik#1172 Phavik#6762

Discord: wuwu#8470 or phavik#6762

Easier to talk during the day via discord

Hi Tangletotems,

It’s nice to meet you! Arondight is a semi-casual, heroic raiding guild. We are currently 7/9 N & 3/9 H. We’re a very friendly guild, very active in Discord. We only raid Tues & Thurs from 9-11:30 PM PST. Sometimes we do “optional” Mondays for raid. We also do optional mythic+ Mondays! Right now we are currently also hosting a Game of Thrones contest with great prizes like the Dune Scavenger & Sandstone Drake (Vial of Sands) mounts & gold! We do lots of fun contests. If you’re interested, please contact me on btag!! =) Contact: Fade#1851

For more information, please read below!

Arondight of Lightbringer currently 3/9 Heroic, raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-11:30 PM server time. During progression we add Monday 9:00-11:30 pm.

While we are primarily a heroic raid guild, we have many Members that enjoy Mythic+, PVP, Transmog and Achievement runs, Guild Movie Nights, and Holiday Contests with tons of prizes!

We are a group of adults who enjoy a drama free environment, our goal is AOTC each raid tier, while we enjoy pushing into mythic raiding content it is not our primary objective.

We are currently recruiting for heroic progression:

  • 1-2 ranged dps
  • 1 resto shaman
  • any experienced, reliable raider will be considered

Contact: Llune#11366 or Fade#1851

Arondight’s Mission Statement: “To uphold honor, loyalty, and friendship, to support one another as a whole in a manner that is Knightly.” Meaning: Arondight means unfading light and is Lancelot’s sword. Guild type: Arondight is a friendly, semi-casual, Heroic Raiding Guild that is very active in Discord.

[A] on Emerald Dream, we’re 6/9M.

Raids are Sun/Mon 8-12 EST.

We are primarily mid-twenties or older and generally try to maintain a mature and relaxed environment, raiding two nights but keeping up CE level progression.

Naaldira#1635, add and we can chat about it to see if it’s a good fit.

Hey there!

We are looking for a Resto shaman!

We are a 8 year guild 6/9M BOD, Previously 8/8M Uldir 11/11M Antorus 9/9 M TOS 10/10M NH and EN/TOV. We raid 3 days Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 7:30pm CST- 10:30pm CST

if those days and times sound good, we should chat!

Falux#1649 or Dvexx#1490

Hello again!


My guild is in great need of a resto shaman to replace someone that is stepping down from raiding. We’re 4/9M and raid 2 nights a week- tuesday and thursday 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST (and we’re on the horde side).

Let me know if you’re interested! I’m Jesz#1830 on bnet and Jesz#4542 on discord. Hope to hear from you.

this is our recruit spam : [H] <Angry Mob> T&Th 8:30-11:30pm EST 8/9M LFM for 8.2!

add me lets chat, our raid times match what you’re looking for


[US][H][Feathermoon/ScarletCrusade] <Average at Best> - 3/9M - Recruiting a healer and dps!

Times: 5:30-8 PST Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

<Average at Best> is looking to push to get as far into Mythic as we can, hopefully getting Cutting Edge. Currently we are looking for a healer and a dps. Tuesday and Wednesday are our primary progression nights and Monday is for heroic clears while people still need gear from it. This is subject to change based on attendance. If you’d like to be trialed during heroic, or have a discussion about the guild, add me on Battle net at Modeya#1836.

Logs from our Jadefire kill, and a little bit of heroic: warcraftlogs com/reports/Pt736xfLJYyZFw1B

Vod of our Grong prog/kill: twitch tv/videos/384091860

WoWProgress: wowprogress com/guild/us/scarlet-crusade/Average+at+Best
We are running heroic tonight and would love to have you come along as a trial :slight_smile:

Coffee Oclock (A - Sargeras) 4/9M is currently recruiting active players to join our Mythic raid team for Battle of Dazar’alor. We aim for Cutting Edge each Raid tier, PvP, and we enjoy pushing Mythic Plus keys. Coffee Oclock was established in Jan 2018.

Raid Times:

Wed/Thurs 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM CST
(Optional Heroic Run on Sunday 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM CST)

DPS (SPriest, Boomy, Rogue)
Healers (Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Shaman)

Uldir: 8/8 N 8/8 H 6/8 M
BoD: 9/9 N 9/9 H 4/9 M

More info below:
Apply At: < goo.gl/forms/BQjgxgTI6ePm1sQD2 >
My Btag/Discord: Sourjolly#1540 / Sour#4986

Grumpy OGs is an alliance guild on Arygos/Llane servers that is recruiting for it’s core team if you’re interested. We have experience running the raids, but not as a guild as we are still somewhat a new guild. We are very friendly, mature, and drama free for sure. Our most active times are from 7pm til about midnight or 1 am. I know you have a lot of offers already, but it never hurts to throw ours our as well. We are a casual progressive guild, so if that’s not your cup of tea, we understand and no hard feelings! Have a great one and good luck on the search! :slight_smile:

horde late night

Hi Tangletotems, my name is Donnie and I represent
We’re a 6/9M guild looking for a solid resto shaman to fill out our roster.
We raid mon 9-11 CST, wends/thurs 8-11 CST
If you’re interested feel free to read our full guild post <Doppelganger> 9/9M 8hrs/wk LFM!
If you think this guild is the right spot for you, go ahead and fill out our application over on doppelganger. enjin. com/
Thanks for your time, and look forward to hearing more from you!