402 Havoc DH, Realm: Stormrage, Alliance, looking for fun guild :)



  • Stormrage

  • Night Elf Havoc Demon Hunter

  • ilvl 402

  • mythic/ heroic/ normal raiding experience

  • Looking for fun adult guild after just getting back into WoW

Just recently got back into WoW last month after having dropped off after clearing Heroic Kil’Jaeden back in ToS. Item level 4-2 Night Elf Havoc Demon Hunter, good at my class and do good DPS, and looking for a fun adult guild that I can play, do raida, dungeons, PVP, and just generally have a fun time playing the game with :slight_smile:

I’m a metal guitarist and Music Student, so I’m not looking for anything super hardcore like Mythic Raiding, but I’d probably be down to commit to a Heroic schedule, definitely down for Normal. I was previously a Heroic/ Mythic Raider in Legion/ WoD, so it wouldn’t be new for me :slight_smile:


Hi Palem!

If you’re still looking, Exodus on Fizzcrank/Aggramar would love to have you! Exodus is a Family Friendly Casual guild. We are always looking for people who want to grow with us. We are made of many players from the early days of Vanilla and those who have just started. We welcome new and old players alike and are willing to help teach anyone willing to learn.
We do just about everything in the game, but our main events are typically Heroic raiding, and M+. We Raid Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8:30-11:00pm EST (5:30-9:00pm PST) and are willing to help new members gear up and get raid ready.

We have our own Discord, and will do Pvp, Alt. Raids or old xmog/achiev. runs when there are enough guildies interested in doing so, or if it’s advertised on the calendar. With classic servers coming soon, we also have plenty of members planning on playing there as well.

We are always interested in adding some new members to our group, and can usually find a raid spot for those interested. We don’t mind helping new members gear up, and are more than willing to help teach Raid and M+ mechanics to anyone who is new or just returning to the game.

Contact Locks#11134 (BNet) or Locks#6127(Discord) if you’re interested or want more info!


Hey Palem!
If you’re looking for a guild on Stormrage than I run a newly formed guild that is trying to build up its raid team for the new raid Eternal Palace. We will be progressing through Normal and then pushing Heroic once were geared enough. So if you do have any other questions feel free to contact me on Bnet: LifeMade3asy#1914