40% speed Mount at lvl 30 plez!

For us old boomers, we dont have the time to traverse the world like we use to. The low levels are fine because mobs and quests are so close, later levels spread this out and there is way to much down time in between action. Flight paths could be sped up as well, but would prefer mount earlier I believe a lot of people probably quit mid 20s and 30s because traversal is taking up to much of their lives.
Thanks bunches

Go to thunder bluff and pick up your 20% move speed world buff.

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Play retail.


it takes like 5 hours to go from like 25 to 40 with incursions and the xp buff… and it all in the same area so you would never even mount to begin with

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So, don’t play.

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ok opie
character name checks out

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Us old boomers remember the world before flying mounts.
Surely you know where all the FPs are, yeah?
And just for impatient people like yourself, BFD buff gives a nice movement buff.

You should stop playing WoW so you can enjoy what little time you have left.

In my 30s, have wife, have kids, hate the “I don’t have time” gripe. Just don’t play.