4 realms full so far

Herod will be low pop by November :rofl:

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1 month till COD 4 release after WoW Classic. So not only facing the 30 day sub ending, but also the biggest new release and update to the COD franchise in years. Yes… it will nuke numbers, and after it launches we will have a real idea who was just a tourist.

people who play classic will play cod yeah ok

After the streamers and their fanboys hit 60 all these anti streamer players will be forced to reroll.

The forum whining will be a sight to see.

Poking the bee hive will be something they’ll regret.

The new Cod looks terrible. Looks and feels like a cartoon yet is marketed as the modern warfare remake.

The old one looked and felt more realistic.

What does “Full” even mean with their Layering system? I have a suspicion it is essentially what they meant by “post warnings”, as we haven’t seen any other such postings anywhere:

Only a subset of the classic pop frequents the classic subreddit, let alone participated in the polls. Honestly, who knows what will happen and where people will go.

ur cool tho

How will they be forced to reroll? Your logic doesn’t follow. No one is forcing anyone to reroll. If players reroll, it is on them and it’s their choice.


Who else is going to fill them up… “before launch day?”

It wont be that accurate, sure, but it paints a picture nonetheless.

tis true


i didn’t resub yet, most of the people i know didn’t either.

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define them and who and we could have a…launch party xd

LOL no one cares about COD anymore bro.

“them” is the “people reservung names” that Boklarok was talking about.

oh, them could of been so much more.

Cataclysm launched 6 years after Vanilla. I guess they don’t make generations like they used to!

They better NOT have COD in classic. That wasn’t added until patch 2.0.7!

Cash on Delivery? It was in Beta!