4 hour week <TEAM GUILD> LF3M

If you clicked this you’re probably a once upon a time great raider, who now doesn’t have 10 hours a day to dedicate to wow! You’ll fit right in. Most of us are former top tier players who can’t be top tier now for any reason aside from skill level!

Team Guild is a perfect home for the washed up retired raider who still wants to play and kill !@#$ at a ‘good’ pace.

Tuesday-- 10pm-Midnight (Illidan time), 8pm-10pm PST, 11pm-1am EST
Wednesday-- 10pm-Midnight (Illidan time), 8pm-10pm PST, 11pm-1am EST
Flasks and feasts are provided.

Currently we are looking for people to fill our class needs for The Battle of Dazar’alor.
• 1 Healer ( Holy Paladin preferred/but not required)
• 1 Demon hunter
• 1 Very Strong Melee (non warrior)
• 1-2 Ranged dps that don’t stand in red for the dps buff

We enjoy banter and having fun in raids, while also getting down to business and progressing when it is needed.

Please bear in mind we only raid 4 hours a week. You need to know how to play your class or be able to take constructive criticism when it is warranted without getting upset.

IF you want to give us a shot, feel free to add Dirtnglitter#1991 (GM - Chupe) or me the guilds token asian girl Kungfubanana#1420 (Donkeythong) in game or on bnet.

Still looking for a couple of folks that wanna hit The Battle of Drazar’alor pretty hard! We have cake and inappropriate jokes:p

Still looking for a couple dps!