4/9 Mythic Horde - Recruiting

ThunderWalkers - Horde - Stormreaver

We are an experienced semi-hardcore raid guild that has mostly been playing with one another since Vanilla. Over the years we have had some great accomplishments, such as server first achievements during previous expansions etc.

We raid twice a week on Wednesday’s and Thursdays from 9PM to Midnight Central US.

We are looking to add 2-3 more quality players to our raid roster.

Priority Class = Warlock

Other classes of interest = DPS - Frost or Arcane Mage, Fury Warrior, Demon hunter, Wind Walker Monk

1 Healer spot

We already have a well rounded healer comp at the moment, but would be willing to make room for another experienced healer to add to our arsenal and free up our shaman to go elemental. Class isn’t as important as your overall raid performance.

We run a lean raid roster, so we expect 90% or better raid attendance from any recruit. Since we only raid 6 hours a week this is very important.

Ultimately, we are looking for fun, thick skinned, mature people that enjoy challenging themselves in this game. We aren’t looking for selfish, drama, elitist, know it all players. Our guild is a team, and our team work is what has always been the foundation to our success. We want like minded individuals to join and help contribute towards our future goals.

For more information, please feel free to add me on Bnet.