4/8M druid lf guild (A) Stormrage

Hello , im a Druid main Resto / balance , but i play pretty much all specs i have 4 different azerite set and off set for each spec , i progressed 4/8 Mythic and experienced , im looking for a guild not a late night one but around 6pm or 7 pm , can be raiding 3 days a week doesn’t matter which days , i’m free always i can show up any days , I’m looking for a guild with the same progress or higher to continue progressing as family and friends less likely being in a guild with toxic players , i need a friendly guild whom willing to progress as one team a , i’ve been in a guild since rise of azshara patch and i was main mythic raider druid in the guild but recently they’ve been slacking with progressing and focusing on farming loot lol, , i have discord and mic and im using addons such as “DBM / GTFO / Angryassignment / Weakauras2” if any interests add my btag at Regroot#1454 , im mostly online on my druid , feel free to message me in the game on “Meiave-stormrage” if you dont want to add!