4/8M 445 MW/441 Disc Priest LF CE Guild

I’m looking for a late Friday/Saturday (EST) or early Saturday/Sunday guild that is pushing CE for this tier and next. About me: I’m a very serious raider looking for a group of individuals who want to push content and understand that raid time is a shared time with 20 people and that one person slacking off affects the whole. I’m always looking for criticism’s and ways to improve my game and need a guild who communicates and is always up to trying different ways to achieve the kill.

Logs: Available per request

Please message me on bnet: Mouern#1653

Again I’m looking for a guild who takes raid progression seriously and understands how valuable time is for themselves and others. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. Also up for server/faction transfers if the guild meets the criteria above.