3k-4k Raider IO exp player Looking For M+ Guild


Looking for Mythic+ Guild for any Days/Nights

Exp pulls @ 5% HP cutting edge Mythic raider so if you need me to fill in for mythic raids I am capable. However I am mostly looking for Mythic+15-30 Keystone content.




Hello hello,
If you don’t mind alliance, we do mythics almost daily! We’d love to have you on our team(s). Come chat with us in discord sometime.

Order of Azeroth is a brand new alliance guild aspiring to create a community with a focus on PVE.
US- Kel-Thuzad

We are finalizing our teams for a semi-hardcore raiding team as well as a casual team:

  1. A progressive 2-3 day dedicated semi-hardcore raiding team. We are looking for dps (prefer ranged), 1 tank, and healers (non-restoration druids).
  2. A casual raiding team. We are recruiting all roles currently.

Check out our discord if you’d like to chat sometime: