3D accelerator is a bogus requirement

Why did yous ad the 3D accelerator baracade, the simple warning from weeks ago was fine, I was still able to play with no performance issues no complaints, but now the game won’t load at all. Please remove the 3D accelerator baracade.


They upgrade the graphics with every expansion. All players are required to meet the minimum requirements and keep their drivers up to date.

Hopefully this gets moved to technical support, but maybe this applies,

It would also help to know what cpu, gpu, memory, what kind of drive storage, etc.

In the end many the minimum supported hardware was changed due to an increased demand in performance and loading time.

Myself and my husband is having the same problem and not able to play as well, each time we tried to log in we get a message saying 3D accelerator card not supported by Wow. yet our computer were doing just find before the update. We pay to play before the patch and now we can’t.

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Please purchase a GPU equaling or greater in performance than the models mentioned in the official Minimum Requirements page:

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 2 GB or AMD Radeon™ RX 560 2 GB or Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (45W TDP) *Requires manufacturer’s driver support.

Buying something new & up to date to run the game seems to be the push with this new expansion, I get that but was it nessessary to stick a "block out " if you’re not up to date? I still have a month game time I can’t use now plus pre purchaced SL. “Block out non-subscribers”, not long time customers paying for game time.

The min specs have been listed for a while. It’s on you if you don’t read them and compare them to your computer.

Blaydglorii, you still haven’t given us your system information. Without that nobody can tell if this is a bug, or if your hardware does indeed fall below the minimum specs and is being blocked.

My system meets all the minimum specs on a 5 yr old PC, so okay I’m not a serious extreme gamer who buys all the latest tech every year, I don’t Raid or do dungeons, just gathering & profs. Pet battles are also my fav thing to do, and don’t care for leveling or end game.

That still isn’t answering our question about your specs, and it isn’t helping us help you find a solution. We need that information if we’re going to get any further in assisting you.

If they just get rid of the “3D accelerator pop up warning” I’d be good. I can’t beleive they added that thing.

If the game ran for you before pre-patch but you now get the 3D accelerator not supported pop-up, it could be one of two issues:

  1. You have a shader model 4 graphics card (such as a Nvidia GTX 285 or AMD Radeon 4800). If that’s the case then we are actively working on bringing back support for these GPUs. There is some experimental support already on the PTR and we’re hoping to get these changes to live soon.

  2. You are forcing DX12 by command line argument on a GPU that doesn’t support DX12. If this is the case, you can check your “additional command line argument” settings in the battle.net launcher for WoW and see if you have -d3d12 set. If so, removing it should fix your issue. If you launch WoW from a shortcut, that shortcut may need the same fix.

If you upload your Gx.log file from the Logs folder where Retail WoW is installed, that info can help diagnose the issue if the above information doesn’t help sort things out.


First of all, thanks for an update.
Just as you described, I’m one of those that has a shader model 4.1 graphics card (an Intel HD graphics 3000, I know, it’s old). If I enter in the PTR to help you guys test it, besides the Crash reporting is there anything else we would be doing to help? Example: Just like in retail, would uploading the Gx.log help?

Thanks for giving me the time I needed to delete my main character I started with, & the gold I have built up over the years I used up to buy a lil more time, I have found that even if I could buy a new computer for gaming like Osmngold does, my internet connection sucks & cuts off too much. Thank you & Good bye WoW its been a blast.