397 8/8 Normal/6/8 Heroic VoTI Prot Warrior LF Heroic/Mythic progression raiding guild

397 Prot Warrior LF Heroic/Mythic progression raiding guild with a strong desire to push M+ keys.

8/8 Normal VoTI
6/8 Heroic VoTI

Availability for raid times is very flexible and can accommodate most raid times with no issue.

Previous Mythic raiding experience including CE in past expansions.

Vast knowledge of all tanking classes as well as currently prepping to juggle alternate tanks on my Druid, DH, and DK for DF progression.

Server swapping for the right guild is not an issue.

Availability is any day after 4:30 EST during the week up to 11 PM EST, and the days I do not work I am available any time those days.

Btag : Darkreven#1325
Discord : Drkreven#0179
Feel free to contact me via Btag, or via discord if interested in discussing any opportunities!

Hi! Not sure your interest but i and a few friends have recently (this week) started our own guild . We’re putting a team together to quickly reclear heroic and then get into mythic. We left our previous guild with aotc and 2/8m so i expect that once we get started raiding, progression will go quickly until Mythic.

If you’re interested you can put an app in here:

https:// forms.gle/CCGhMB4ySVnFTG696

And our recruitment post here:
<Scarlet> Brand new CE Startup LFM

Alternatively you can message me on Discord: Offworld#1943

I can add you as well incase this gets missed.

Added you in Discord. Have a few errands to run but can talk here in a while or whenever works for you. Let me know when free.

Added you on Discord…I am the lead recruiter for Eclipsed and am recruiting a main tank position for one of our teams:

Cosmic Shift (AOTC/Mythic)
8/8N 7/8H Vault of the Incarnates
Saturday and Sunday 7-10:00pm EST

We will more than likely hit mythic this week or next week…