391 Blood DK, 4/8H LF Guild

Hi There!

BTag: Silverfox#12254

Discord: The_Viking#4441

As the title says, I am currently a 391 Blood DK with 4/8H progress in VOTI. - 4 piece tier set from different levels of the raid. But working on finishing BiS set. Looking for a fun, active build that slays together and plays together. Would be wanting to go AoTC, or push for it. Maybe dip a toe into Mythic. Maybe.

I haven’t played since Legion, where I tanked and AoTC’d each raid tier and had some Mythic progress in Antorus. Looking to do the same thing for Dragonflight, only with a great group of fantastic people.

My M+ experience is nearly non-existent. I don’t know the nuances of the dungeons that well, but I’d like to get better in that area by doing low keys before completely trashing the higher ones.

Social atmosphere is important. People to talk to matter.

Interested? Quit reading and drop me a line. BTag and Discord at the top of the post.

“Parry This” as a guild is 8/8N and looing to clear H with a guild group. We are currently recruiting players to run M+s and raid with us. New/returning player friends were semi casual semi try hard. Our main goal as a guild is to create a chill environment for gamers. Btag: Stephenk67#1211 if interested