390 DH lf M+ guild looking to push high keys


Currently looking to push m+, my work schedule doesn’t allow for much raiding at the moment unfortunately, but I am looking to push high keys when I do have the time. I was almost 1k in season one on my main before I took my break.

Here’s a background of my experience.
I have been raiding since WoTLK, and I am well versed in many roles.
In Cataclysm I mained a rogue, as well as MoP.
In legion I ended up on a WW monk, but had a fully geared fire mage and havoc dh.

I completed all CMs in pandaria at the gold level.
So far in BFA, I pushed 12-15 keys as an HPal in season one, and took a break during season 2.
My main focus is pushing m+, as I just don’t have the schedule to commit to raiding full time with work and school starting again.

Edit: For clarification of what I am looking for.


Sunset Riders is a newly formed guild of friends and compatriots. Raiding two nights a week, we are a casual no drama guild! So far, we have achieved 7/9 heroic and are going to push AOTC with the current tier of raiding. We also run mythic pluses, and generally have fun!

We raid on Wednesday and Friday from 7 pm to 9:30 pm server time.
We also run Normal Tier raids on Saturday nights as well (7:30 pm Server time).

Currently, we are a seeking ranged dps (Shadow Priest/Warlock) for progression, Item level of 390+, with knowledge of fight mechanics and a desire to learn and push content. Others will be considered of course! My Bnet is laskaland#1404 if interested

(Gambacha) #3

<Warmongers> Horde Tichondrius looking for more people, currently rebuilding our core raid team for the new content. Run 10+ keys daily, we raid 3 nights a week but casuals and semi raiders are always welcome. 3/9 Mythic.Tue/Wed/Sun 6:30pm to 9:30pm servertime. Message me Gambacha#1311 or on here if you have any questions.

We also run normal/heroic raids through out the week, just depends on if enough people are interested we start something up.


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