388 Havoc DH/384 Mage alt. LF CE guild/illidan/paid transfer


Available Any time after 4 PM EST, Any-day of the week works. Dedicated raider looking for new home and more knowledge. 24 years old, chill/social.

(Siearalol) #2

Despite your unreasonable request, you should probably include what days/times you’re looking to raid. You didn’t really include a whole lot of anything for a recruiter to work with.


Your in full heroic why are u even messaging me

(Siearalol) #4


Because I’m trying to help you. You’re welcome.

(Cbegsdh) #5

You should just rename your post to “mediocre melee dps LF CE carry” since you’re into looking stuff up as much as you’re bad at providing info to find a suitable guild.

Lol. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/illidan/thedevourer#bybracket=1


Am I qualified enough to tell you that your post is lacking in information?


Need more info sux