385 Brew Monk looking for guild on Illidan



Looking for a late night raiding guild (adult) that runs two or three days a week Sunday through Thursday. Ideal playing time is 2 or 3 hour sessions starting after 8:30pm server time and ending before 12am.

I am a returning player from WotLK on a fresh account. I am 8/8H and 4/8M brew monk. I recently transferred from Alliance on Sargeras to play with a buddy who may also be interested as a 385 Priest.

Reply to this post, or you can message me on Discord ProAntagonist#2969.

<Vrekt> 7/8M - Illidan [H] - 3 Nights - Lfm BOD

I sent a friend request on discord… can’t direct message you if we are not friends :slight_smile:


If anyone else has the same issue, please friend request on Discord or just post your guild info here.