384 Prot Warrior 8/8 N LF Guild

Hey There,

384 Prot Warrior, 8/8N cleared looking for active, fun, goal oriented guild. I’m a returning player, having tanked through Legion and reach some Mythic progression in Antorus. Didn’t play much in BfA or Shadowlands.

Not really into M+, mostly just questing, rep grinding, raiding, etc. – Looking for a guild to progress with, farm with, laugh with, and get ratchet with.

Currently Alliance, but ok with switching to Horde. (Mostly went alliance for the rep gain bonus from humans, but Vol’jin is always my true Warchief.)

Feel free to hit me up. - Will probably continue through Normal and start Heroic as quickly as possible.

BTAG: Silverfox#12254
Discord: The_Viking#4441