382ilvl Blood DK looking for Raiding Team

Hey, am looking for a raiding team still looking for Tanks. I have couple of other chars as well if that is what your team needs.

DK - Blood (Unholy) - 382
Warrior - Prot(Fury) - 371/374
DH - Havoc - 376
Mage - All specs - 372
Shammy - Ele(Resto) - 363/365

Can get most other specs raid ready. (that is min 375)

Let me know if any teams still out there

Hi Reddevildk,

Mistakes Were Made is looking for a ele/resto shammy. We are currently 8/8h and 3/8m. We also have a group of people who are pushing mythic+. We raid M/W/Th between 10pm-1230am. If this this what you are looking for, please contact me at bnet NoSoulStones #1778 or discord Kickedpuppy#2561.

Evolved is a Alliance guild on Proudmoore (US) that was initially created in late 2018 for BFA to provide a more relaxed and fun experience for our Members. Some of its members have been gaming together for 5 Years.

Our intent of clearing relevant content in an Accomplished Casual, relaxed, and fun environment. Even though we raid in a more relaxed atmosphere we do login to succeed and we expect our raiders to be able to meet baseline performance requirements.

Guild Highlights:
• Accomplished Casual Raiding – We may not push competitively for top 100 or server firsts but we do aim to push relevant content with a focus on AOTC each tier.
• Alt-Raiding, Dungeons/M+ Keys, PvP, World PvP, Xmog Runs, Leveling/Social.
• Adult/Mature Guild (18+) - Most of us are working adults and we get life happens.
• A more casual, friendly, professional (no yelling at each other), and welcoming environment.
Inclusive “All Are Welcome” Policy - LGBTQ+ friendly.

Raid Times:
• Tuesday (6pm - 8pm PST)
• Friday (6pm - 8pm PST)
• Saturday (6pm - 8pm PST)

We also provide a open raid on Sundays for all members to attend to get a peek at the raiding if they so choose.

• Uldir: Normal: 8/8 - Heroic 8/8 - AOTC - Mythic 3/8
• Battle of Dazar’alor: Normal: 0/9 - Heroic 0/9 - Mythic 0/9
• We need YOU to help us push AOTC in Battle of Dazar’alor!

If you’re interested in learning more please check visit our website at https:// evolvedgaming. org/ or do a /who evolved in game and ask for an officer.

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!

Hi Reddevildk,

Our guild is currently 3/9H and we’re growing our roster for mythic raiding. We definitely need a mage. Hit me up-in game or bnet if you’re interseted. Bnet is Sparkledump#1727. In game my name is Charaid. Hope to hear from you.



Mystic Raiders is currently seeking one solid and knowledgeable tank willing to fill the role of main tank. We raid from 7:00 - 10:00 pm PST on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are currently 9/9Normal and 4/9Heroic, and we do mythic plus regularly throughout the week as well.

Basic info about our guild is that we like to talk smack and have fun, pretty much anything goes unless it gets too out of hand and then officers will step in.

Contact myself Nightwinds(Nightwinds#1991) I am the GM, or our raid leader Darkdeadnite(Dârkness#1139).

Have a great day!