382 Holy Priest 5/8M LF Cutting Edge Guild for next tier

Hi there, I am a Holy Priest with 5/8M kills in Uldir searching for a Cutting Edge minded guild for the new tier dropping in less than 3 weeks. Sadly my 5/8M guild disbanded about a month ago due to internal issues and I just decided to take a break for the holidays rather than finding a new guild straight away. So now’s a better time than any to find one for the new tier; I can still raid the last 2 weeks of Uldir if needed though.

Uldir Experience

  • 5/8M as a Holy Paladin
  • 4/8M as a Holy/Shadow Priest
  • 3/8M as a Resto Shaman

What I’m looking for

  • Cutting Edge oriented guild
  • I do not mind a start up guild as long as it shows that it is CE oriented
  • Can be on any server (I’m looking to server transfer for the right guild)
  • Organized, Constructive, and has a sense of Guild Spirit
  • Looking for a main healer spot

What I offer

  • Healer who does his utmost to better his play
  • Present for all raids (barring emergencies)
  • Team and Guild Player
  • Communicative
  • Active outside of raids (I like to play other toons and do M+ keys)

Times Available

  • Available Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays anytime
  • So I am looking for a guild with a 2 - 3 day raiding schedule on those days
  • For the RIGHT guild I can switch around any of 1-2 of those days for Monday and/or Wednesday (I have a flexible part time job and I’m in college)

Contact Information

Please contact me through either Bnet or Discord

  • BNET: Areaze#11281
  • Discord: Areaze#6179

Thanks for your time


Coffee OClock is LFM

btag is #alexhk1740