380 Balance Druid - returning and looking for casual heroic raiding

I’m a 380 balance druid, just resubbed after taking a break from a bit before 8.1 and looking to find a slightly more casual guild than I was in before.

Got to 5/8M in Uldir, but decided mythic raiding wasn’t really for me. I’m interested in joining a heroic oriented guild, or even a mythic guild that might need a sub here and there that also runs heroic.

I’m mainly looking to raid Tuesday/Thursday in the 6-9/10pm server (PST) range.

Hey There!

I’m Nea one of the officers of PKGO. We cleared Uldir on heroic and are currently on Jaina (Normal). We’re looking for solid dps to push into heroic. We raid Tues/Thurs from 8-10pm Server. We consider ourselves more on the casual side, but we push hard for the two hours we spend raiding. Add me Nea#1520 if you want to chat!

Hello there!
Is recruiting
We raid 6:30-9:00pm pst on Tuesday / Thursday. We’ve been looking for more dps, and are lacking one funky moon chicken.

Feel free to hit up our raid leader: Memberberryz bnetID: crazyazzkile#1870
We’d love to talk and see if we mesh up well together!

9/9N - 3/9H LF Healers + DPS for Heroic/Mythic BoD. Raid times are Fri/Sat 7:00-9:30pm PST. M+ groups pushing keys daily. All exceptional raiders considered.

Hi Mawu,

I know it’s been over a month since this post, but Stormfall is right up your alley! We are an AotC / M+ focused guild. We also jump into mythic for the loot pinatas, but CE is not our focus. Our discord is blown up daily by our large active community. We have anywhere from 10-20 people or more online nightly. We are an ACTIVE guild! Currently 9/9H, 1/9M, and do M+10 keys for all raiders each week.
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8pm - 11pm EST on Area 52 a heavily populated horde server (93%)!
Give our recruitment thread a look, and if you’re not opposed to a server transfer, reach out to one of us. Good Luck!