375 2/8M Rogue LF semi-hardcore Mythic Guidl

As title says. Available to raid 2x a week, preferably on Area-52, from 8-11EST. Dedicated to work towards Cutting Edge.

Hi Riggam,

Looks like you may be a good fit with us. Going to leave you the details below, but if you want to chat some more we can get together in discord. Best of luck in your search!

[Daddy Issues] Area52 - is a recently reformed guild that is currently 2/8 M. We are looking to fill some raiding spots for Mythic again, but are going to be clearing heroics and M Taloc/MOTHER until we get the numbers to progress again. Our goal is CE for 8.1

Looking for like-minded players who are progression-focused but also know how to have fun and can adapt quickly. We are really looking for players that want to find a new home and be a part of an active and growing guild, not just ride the coattails or not engage with other members in activities outside of raiding.

If you are not looking to get into mythic we welcome all who are looking for heroic raids and run M+ as well as RBGs as we have an active player base outside of raids.

1. Raid Times:

Tue/Thurs 8-11 EST (Area-52 server time).

2. Looking For:


  • Holy Paladin


  • Warrior

  • Rogue


  • Mage

  • Warlock

We welcome all that would like to apply and trial with us as we are looking to fine tune our roster.

3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual:

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a serious mindset towards mythic progression, with the goal of CE. We expect raiders to respect the time of the other 20 or so people that dedicate the 6 hours per week to raiding progression. Outside of progression, we are more casual and like to have fun with mythic plus, alt runs, pvp, etc.

4. Current progression/experience:

2/8M and AOTC on this new guild, 3/8M with 10 raiders from previous guild.

5. Recent logs:





6. Contact info:

StormRage#1832 - GM

BevynM#1813 - Co-GM

Adeid#1534 - Raid Lead

Meclub#1175 - Healing Officer

Those times are similar and most importantly - no transfer needed!