3600XT, 3800XT, 3900XT Reviews are out

They look like Intel chips now :rofl:

Not really any faster, no more cooler. Even HUB is hating on them.



Yes but will they blend?


They don’t “Blend” in Blender any better than their non XT counterpats.

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lol very good. <3

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lets remove the box cooler and call it the xt version!

With Zen 3 still due this year, this is a very obvious inventory clearing effort. A very slight re-badge, tiniest of tweaks (they’re probably better at assembling now, after all), and you can renew a little interest and hopefully shift the last of your stocks. After all, this thread wouldn’t have existed without their release, which means they’re at least on your mind now.

Anyone expecting anything more than an incremental update was the kind of person who bought in to Zen+ (Ryzen 2K) running up to 5.2GHz and 12 cores. Clearly wasn’t going to happen this close to a new architecture.

Still… was hoping it could have pushed the Xs down in price a little. Kinda want to drop a 3900X onto my X370 just to breathe some fire into it, but that’s still a lot of cash.