350 Horde Warlock LFG


Hello! I’m pretty much a “newbie” and I am looking for a guild to do some content with. Due to my tight work schedule I don’t fit in with my current guild anymore and I’m a bit bored of doing content by myself.

Available Friday 10pm server time and Saturday all day. I like raiding, M+, PVP. I am a fast learner, and I’m also very patient.

Server is not an issue as I can do a server change if needed :slight_smile:


HI Phaedrawolf, is a new and progressive casual PVE focused with future plans to PVP, we are currently 8/8N with most of our core raid team has achieved AOTC on uldir together, we are always willing to teach everybody how to play,do current and old content with, if interested our weekly schedule is usually
Sat/Sun: raid nights 8 pm EST- 10 pm EST
Mon: mythic + keys
if you have any questions feel free to pst me here or Methes#1263