3/12M lf guild i can swap to tank spec

hello, i am currently a 3/12 mythic nyalotha raider my guild has stopped raiding so i havent been able to progress more and trying to find a pug raid goes how pug raids go. I am wanting to find a guild i can role swap to a tank for shadowlands. I am able to raid 10+ hours a week any day of the week
Im planning to swap to a monk so i can offheal as needed.

My previous experience was 5/11m atbt but i took a break between then and the end of eternal palace for raiding i pvp alot and wouldnt mind finding a pvp guild if its the right fit.

I can server transfer and faction swap if needed.

You can contact me through battle.net -nerc#1111
Or discord nerc#7550

Hey there nerc,
My guild is currently looking for dps for the current tier and we have a tank main swapping to dps for shadowlands. I’d love to chat so I sent a btag. Below is more info. Hope to hear from you

Tawny Wind Rider Gang (6/12M; 12/12H) is looking for guildies. Accepting casual players any level, raiders, and M+ recruits. Come join us for the end of the expansion as we prepare for Shadowlands!

We are focused on AOTC each tier and then pushing Mythic. Raids are Tues/Thurs 8-11p server. Optional Heroic Weekend Raid. M+ as a guild on Mondays.

dps (all classes)
Healer (pally pref)

Doctersauce#1397 -me