30 instances is BS

This topic has brought out the full crazy of the forums Harpies


This isn’t 2004-2006, what is “classic is suppose to be”?

Seriously this game was NEVER going to replicate vanilla in any fashion. A lot has changed in 14 year.

However, the game is still fun. More alts equal more 60 dungeons, more 20 mans, more players playing longer.


People did jump runs in vanilla.

COOL tell me more about how I can or cannot help my friends level their alts. Lets make you queen of all who want to level and how they do it. Go ahead. Take a stab at it.

Come on, we all know you aren’t boosting your friends 14+ hours a day every day.
You’re just mad cause you can’t sell runs at the rate you previously could.

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I dont sell runs. If I did, I would probably raise the price because of this tbh. I have however done a ton of boosts in the past was going to in some sort of similar event next year. You don’t know me, stop judging please.

I will go ahead and quote from my previous post to answer you:

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Ya’ll are silly thinking this is going to cancel out boosting, if anything it’s just going to run the price per run up that they charge. Have fun with inflation because people are going to raise the price on other goods to compensate. I am, I know that. All my greens are going up on the AH for 5g a pop, and any deviate fish I farm are now going to be doubled in price. Might take a while for all of this to come into effect but eventually as things inflate my stuff will sell when others get on board.

what do u care ur living in TBC

its not going to stop boosting at all, though if that is someone goal for supporting this change its a dumb one. You are probably smart to capitalize on the potential inflation its gonna cause though.


i’m not even capitalizing, this is just a natural result that’s going to come from limiting how many dungeon runs people can do each day. Games like this have economies on each server, blizzard just made sure the value of the gold is going to inflate now. Lol, i’m not going to farm twice as hard to pay for the same boosts as before, i’m going to simply raise my own prices to compensate. And everyone else will do the same across the board.

Classic is different things to different people but boosting has always been around. Its just part of the game people who have done leveling enough at this point want the most efficient way no ones is forcing you to. To take it away instead of managing bots in any meaningful way or break flyhackbots is just /facepalm.


Wts stocks runs 10g per run 1 spot left! Pst

lol people just wont buy your items. Sorry if you thought you controlled the market.

Oh I dont, but as time goes on things will go up in price. And my stuff will sell eventually. Just like how at the start of classic greens werent even worth selling, now you can offload even the basic ones for a gold or two.

Blizzard makes rules for it’s game, we don’t get to decide. None of us get to be king or queen, we can only agree or criticize those rules. There are things I like about the game and things I don’t like, like multiboxing. As has been pointed out to me many times I have to live with blizzard rules. So do you. I think the 30 dungeons a day limit is good for the game.

Blizzard did this so bots would buy more accounts, obviously.

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Yes, agreed on all of this. Except the part about the 30 cap. You may think that sufficient for you, and thats cool. Thats your playstyle. It isn’t everyone’s though. And I can disagree with Blizzard’s decision to implement this change and express that concern to Blizzard in the few avenues I have to do so.

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Boosting helps how?

People simply won’t pay it.

lol it was an exaggeration, but I definitely see it being 5g now