3 Major Rogue Bugs

Shadowed finishers simply does not work in pvp.

Shadowstrike does not teleport from stealth in pvp.

Recuperator stops healing after refreshing SnD, it will keep healing for as long as it would have from the initial application of SnD.


Still a problem. You would think they’d care about the bugs that literally do NOTHING or dont do all of what they say they’ll do, over bugs that are harder to fix and are more intermittent.

Bug fixes are just a suggestion for them to fix at this point it feels like

Still needs attention

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Squeaky wheel gets the oil, make a post or report some bugs, they literally fixed an interaction between augmentation and beast master before multiple hugely impactful class bugs.

They fixed the interaction before fixing some bugs on talents that make the entire talent, or half of the talent not work. They have zero sense of urgency and it certainly feels like they pick random bugs to fix. Like no single bug is more important than the other unless it breaks their precious dungeons.

Still waiting for a response. Why is a massive company like blizzard, slower to fix bugs than a game on maintenance mode like Guild Wars?

Bump, Dev response or acknowledgement would be nice.


Bump for relevance, still not even an acknowledgement.

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Bump for the lazy developers


I think cloak of shadows is ALSO bugged with veil of midnight. Lately when I use cloak, it’s not removing everything. I was still slowed by a mage magical effect, they were frost, during cloak. And another time by the howl slow that warriors do after using the talent. So, this is yet another bug I have discovered and it’s actually gamebreaking to not have everything removed like it is supposed to

In case the lazy devs didn’t see that half our abilities are broken, here’s another bump

Bump. An acknowledgement would be sweet.

Shadowstrike doesnt teleport.

When you rupture with shadowblades…if you vanish, you auto attack from range and pull yourself out.

Shadowed finishers not working.

This is rough

I just want to not get knocked out of stealth by nothing. I’m just waiting for the tank to pull, and then I unstealth. As an assassination rogue who needs to empower garrote, It is extremely frustrating. Not to mention Vanish hasn’t properly worked the entire expansion. Every class can reset a boss except us now =\

Another bump for the lazy devs if any are even back in the office yet

Daily bump for the lazy devs

Another Tuesday nothing fixed. GG blizz.

Today - They fixed Shadowed Finishers and they fixed Shadowstrike teleport. Not sure what else they fixed today

should call you a lazy player for not actually checking lol

Shadowstrike was not fixed earlier when I tested it. Perhaps it was hotfixed the second time they took all the servers down. If it’s fixed now then that’s all that matters.


It likely wasn’t fixed with the weekly maintenance, but probably got fixed with the emergency maintenance they did. I wasn’t able to test it until after the emergency maintenance but I saw some stuff on mmo champion earlier and guessing it went through with some hot fix stuff or the maintenance.

Either way, I think it’s fixed. It works in bgs but I have to test it in rated still