3 looking for late night guild

Hi, we are looking for a raiding guild that raids some time between 10:30pm - 4am Pacific anyday. Horde only please, and we are willing to transfer for the right guild.

We are a retribution paladin, affliction warlock and a hybrid (bear, moonkin, resto) druid.

I would post our logs, but the forums won’t allow me to post any links, so characters to look up in logs are

Warlock: Radjehuty
Paladin: Vandish
Druid: Ørb

Contact info:
Bnet: Nox#1474
Discord: nox#2686

Hello Ørb,

{Reprieve} on the thrall server is a guild experienced is 4/8M (Recently got orgazoa to 18%) . Most of us have ether CE experience in the past and/or present. Looking to finish our Mythic raid team with semi-hardcore progression 2-3 nights a week. Current schedule is Tues/Weds Midnight (12am) to 3am EST. Third night may be Thursday or Monday based on raid team’s availability. In our off times we run plenty of high keys and alt raid runs… We’re currently recruiting for 8.3.

Mythic Raid Team Recruitment:
High: Warlock, Boomie, Mage
Medium: Death knight, Spriest, WW Monk
(But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)

Healers - Closed but applicants may be considered based on skill/exp
Tank - Closed but applicants may be considered based on skill/exp. Preferred strong dps os

Mythic raid team members are held to a high standard of performance. You must be capable of surviving encounters with minimal failure damage and maintain proper DPS/HPS for your class. As we recruit we do look at logs to see how you perform so please have some ready to view when applying. Anyone falling below tolerated levels (based on logs) or causing wipes may be replaced or removed from the raid team roster. Also having a strong OS is highly recommended for raid comp. We HATE to have people sit because of inability to adapt.

Add on’s:
DBM or Bigwigs
ERT (exorsus raid tools)
Angry Assignments (Mostly for healers)

Recruitment is open to all for social and mythic+ runs.

To discuss more please add:

Hello, we are recruiting:

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Friday and Saturday, 11:00pm-1:30am PST