3 layers today on Faerlina

Get in on those node spawns

This is incorrect. A blue post in another thread confirmed this today (3 hours ago), saying the following:

“There are two layers on every layered realm, that’s correct.”


And in that same post, another person confirmed that the addon people are using to note the number of layers is bugged and is reporting more layers.

Delete this please.


Yeah, it seems the add-on is buggy atm.

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Even if there were more than two layers, which apparently there isn’t, who cares? That would simply mean there was a need for more layers.

The glass is always half empty for a lot of players here :cocktail:


But is there really?

bump this, there are three layers

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Can’t believe Blizzard would lie to us…

*Insert Fry “Shocked” gif

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Did you read the contents of this thread?

If yes, what makes you believe there are 3 layers, and how would one confirm?


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Only three layers? What a small server.

NovaWorldBuffs is correctly showing only 2 layers on all realms now, most of the bugs have been worked out (still shows the old layers for a few hours after server restarts though).

Was the blue named Fangtooth by any chance?