3/8M 440 Disc Priest LF Weekend Raiding guild

3/8 Mythic with a 2% wipe on Ashvane experience. I left the old guild because the classic exodus killed our guild’s mythic ability. I am getting back into it and am looking for a guild to raid with now and into Nya’lotha! I can Shadow priest too, just 8.3 beware. Looking for a Weekend, Friday-Sunday, sometime between 8-12 est, group. I can swap servers or factions.

(Right Coast)
Raid Days:
Sat-Sun 7-10PM Eastern
8/8N & 8/8H (several Mythic XP players)

Actively seeking players to fill a Mythic Roster.
-Right Coast is an easy going fun guild, looking for like minded people. We look to have fun but still take a shot at the highest end of content.
-We strive for AOTC each tier and light Mythic content is the goal!
-There’s no pressure to be amazing or perfect here, we just ask you show up, do your weekly to stay relevant and don’t be a donkey.
-We have groups actively running keys at all levels (even selling if your a money monger)

Currently looking for:
Both main and secondary tanks, our current tank is a college kid and isn’t able to be 100% attendance so his spot is open.
This spot is slightly competitive at the time (a little competition never hurts)
Bring the hit hards and have a good attitude!

Contact Myself or any officer at:
Ghettoskippy#1896 AbbyNormal#1734 Seemly#1529 or Heathen#12917

would be interested in chatting with you about coming alliance!

Hello, nice to meet you. I go by Draenal and I’m recruiting for TRekt! We (Tyrannosaurus Rekt) are a Cutting Edge (CE) team founded just before Uldir. We are a close-knit group of players now raiding under Seraph’s banner who want to grow into the most successful 6-hour/week Mythic raiding team possible. We are definitely looking for a strong lock.

We raid Sun/Mon 9-12 Server time (CDT), totally understand if that doesn’t work for you because of Monday


  • Good attitude! We don’t like hanging out with Negative Nancy or Ragaholic Ryan.
  • ilvl 430+, neck level 65+ (or close enough), 7/9M experience or better in BDA (or previous relevant Mythic experience). We may consider exceptional applicants who are returning to raiding, and have great logs from previous tiers
  • You must know your raiding class/spec thoroughly well. We will deep dive your logs.
  • We don’t require alts, but will assume you can play it near the level of your main if you say you play one
  • We require 90%+ Attendance. You must bring your focus and A-game for those 6 hours every week. We raid on an ultra-light schedule, so your active participation and reliability are imperative for us to progress at an enjoyable and engagingly fast pace.

Recruitment Contacts

https://www.seraphguild.com/recruitment (team preference is TRekt)