3/8 mythic healer looking for progression guild

Hi all my name is josh but people know me as pum. As you all know classic has messed up a lot of guilds and progression has come to a halt for me I am looking for a mythic progression guild with mature people. I am on the east coast so I would prefer a 2 days a week raiding guild that doesn’t even raid weekends and ends anytime before 12. I main a mistweaver Which is my love but I play all other healers . I am not a good disc or holy pally but with time I think I can be I will link all my healers all are neck level 65 up with most of the core essences I also love mythic plus ok I am done rambling on. I have linked all my toons. I am doing this on my phone so if the English is bad forgive me pum#1793

pûmpum Druid. 446

Pùm shaman 443

Püm monk 446

púmpum priest 434

púm pally 439

bnet request sent friend

At work now will respond when I get him ina couple of hours