2s/3s Matchmaking

How would people feel about a matchmaking option for 2s/3s? It wouldn’t a new mode or anything but just a way to easily find people at the same or similar rating.

At the end of the game you can either leave whoever you queued with or if you enjoyed that match could q again with them. Maybe have a way to view recent players or something.

Team comp is kind of irrelevant because its only a single game, you’re not making a big commitment to anything. I think matching healers to dps would probably be the best route to take.

I enjoy solo shuffle but most of the time would just like to play basic 2s and 3s! Going through the LFG finder can be a bit of a hassle. I believe most of the games would play out similar to the ones that I find through LFG (no comms, etc) but I’d just be able to q and go.

Yep we actually already have this exact thing you’re looking for it’s called arena skirmish.

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That’s not really the same thing…

I’ve been talking about the idea of adding a way to q 2s/3s solo/duo/trio (dynamic q) for a while now.

LFG is outdated, it’s in dire need of an update.

A way to forego LFG to q 2s/3s would be amazing ngl.

On paper it sounds like a win/win. I would imagine with how things are right now dps que times would be horrendous especially considering it would usually only be for a single round. It probably dies pretty quick unless they figure out a way to get more people maining healers even then will the anti social crowd just stick to shuffle. 2s que would probably be good regardless of 2s being god awful resident sleeper content.

This would be the same mode, just an easier way to find people for 2s and 3s. Lots of the time I find myself hovering Solo Shuffle but not actually Qing because I don’t want to put myself through 6 rounds of who knows what. I just want some agency over whether or not I can stay or go and not be stuck in the middle of a 6 round fiesta. I think more healers would be queuing for this.

solo should have been ranked skirms to begin with. 2v2 and 3v3 for dps only 3v3 for healers. everybody wins.
blitz is pretty fun as a healer.

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