*2nd Update 8/8/19* Classic wow - BG Forum Fam

I’m thinking of making a sexy gnome frost mage (loincloth baby) named Reallyapanda.


You might need to join the shave club after that.

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Jbfu#1860. I’ll be there and looking forward to it! I’ll be joining up August 28th. Are we going to be playing on a NA server?

Awesome. Definitely going to be on an NA. server.


Drood it is :cat2: :teddy_bear: :deciduous_tree:

Final answer

Good day

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Next week…

Dibs on Legolas.


Gotta reserve those names. Supposedly we will get our server list at that time too.

I may not try to spearhead a guild but I will at least attempt to get everyone on the same server and announce it on here.

If someone else wants to try to take the reins please do so lol. I plan on playing classic but maybe not as die hard as I initially planned.

You created the thread. You’re responsible for all of us now.



Lol! Life happens and reality of playtime sets in. If I can’t be 100% at it then I’d rather not.

I plan on making an Undead Priest to relive the epic and creepy starting zone of Undead. I also plan on making a Human Paladin as that’s one of the only 2 classes I’ve never really played. If there are any slots open for a Paladin healer, I’m game.

I prefer servers with people I’m familiar with. Most people I know don’t play much anymore and have no interest in Classic as they started playing Wrath or later. One reason I hate being part of the old school minority :frowning:

I haven’t seen any real plans for a server so may I suggest the RP-PvP server?

There is no doubt in my mind the community will be special on it. You’ll avoid the toxic PvPbros and streamers too.

The guild name will have to be RP compliant, so PvP forum friends etc won’t fly.


My vote is this. I’ve gotten a few whispers tonight requesting it as well.

Anyone want to be a guild leader?

I’m not familiar with RP servers. Is “Jdpp” a valid name on a RP server?

That name will last about an hour on the server. Players may be more forgiving if he has an RP profile.

Would “Holycow” also get reported?

Found their RP naming policy:

Seems kinda restrictive… No fun names allowed?

It’s more lenient than you think. Jdpp may not last too long because it lacks vowels obviously. Jerk wods are usually the victims of name changing and such lol.

My pally on emerald dream is jdpal and I haven’t had to change it.

It is restrictive. But if you don’t make a jerk of yourself, you could never be reported.

Kagrenac and his guild used to mass report everyone with non-compliant names just because.
Server is better with him gone :+1:

What are the benefits of being on a RP server?

Why RP PvP and not just a regular PvP server?

It would kinda suck to spend a lot of time on one toon and then lose its name because someone decided it didn’t meet their D&D RP standards.