$2k+ Gaming PC Lagging in Ohn'Ahran Plains

Well, your screen size and resolution are two different things, but you’re only missing out on 309,600 pixels, its whatever makes you happy though.


I think among builders 16GB has been the baseline for a while now, since at least 2016/2017. Most people I see building these days don’t drop below 32GB. It’s overkill for a lot of people but it also means you won’t have to think about it for a long time.

Prebuilts lag behind builder trends by a few years though so it’s not surprising to see newish machines ship with 8GB.

Monitors with that resolution max out at it, they’re not capable of displaying 1920x1080. OP would need to buy a new monitor.

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Yeah, people over hype GPU’s

I also don’t max everything out because I already find the game too visually busy.

Try Mac? M2 runs very nicely!

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There’s almost no point in getting a 4090 if you’re running an old dual core CPU.

Looking at my, list of Modes I have 1680 x 1050 and 1920 by 1080. But I understand what you mean. As he might be restricted to that based on his monitor.

Well, they’ve stated that they are.

maybe server lag. during launch i had the issue where im lagging so bad while other people including my friend had no lag at all. different servers though but both were very populated realms in general

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Crazy to think how long quad core has been the baseline for non-budget desktops. You’ve gotta go back before the original Core i series (i5-750/i7-970) which is ancient history at this point.

You should really buy a 1080p monitor at the very least to match your rig. It’s essentially like having a mid tier Mercedes/BMW/Tesla, but using cheap $60 tires that can’t keep you on the road.

Really hindering your own performance.

I just didn’t have any specs of the Monitor, but when he said 1680 x 1050 monitors “with” that modes are limited to that, I was stating that I am actually able to change my Mode to that but also be at 1080.

It doesn’t hinder my performance and I’m very comfortable with it. I have no need for a larger monitor, it doesn’t impact my ability to play a game personally.

Smaller resolutions also additionally improve performance in FPS.

Yes it does. Your cpu/graphics card are meant to handle much more then you are allowing it to, even 1080p is kind of average for an RTX card. 1080-1440p will allow you actually “see” what you paid for.

You don’t really know what you’re talking about. Reduced resolutions make it easier for your PC to perform.

It can run everything at a higher resolution, but I’m not going out of my way to buy a bigger monitor just to “see” what I paid for, because I see what I paid for every time I can play a game at 60 FPS and I haven’t had a single game yet where I couldn’t.

No, it doesn’t. Stop trying to feed people nonsense. Your display being lower than you can handle is not going to reduce your performance. He’s not making the most use out of his rig, that doesn’t mean it hinders his performance.

I’m saying that a $700 prebuilt computer could run 60+ fps in most games at that resolution. You basically wayyy overspent on your PC to then pair it with an outdated monitor :flushed:

No offense, but you need to a learn a little bit more about how this stuff works. :dracthyr_crylaugh:

I appreciate your attempt to help though, however much it didn’t. It’s the thought that counts.

I’m well aware how everything computer related works, I haven’t done anything but build my own computers for the last 20 years.

I guess where we differ is the word performance. You can see this is a straight up metric, with graphs and fps reports, but I prefer to see it as the overall experience a rig can deliver. Graphic fidelity is an essential part of the equation because after all… that’s what you are paying for isn’t it? That’s why I would consider your monitor a “bottleneck”, not because of FPS but in terms of what you are actually physically seeing for the money spent.

I can take my $3500 rig and put it to 480p to crank out 1000+ Fps in some games, but it would look awful. To each either own! Hopefully you figure out what your issue is - be it drivers, overheating, or addons :+1: