2h v/s DW 1h for WW

I found some old or incomplete posts about this and wanted to ask if anything is different regarding choosing between 2h or dual-weilding a pair of 1h weapons as Windwalker.

I saw a post from 3 years ago stating that dual-wielding is generally better unless the 2handed weapon you have is around 10+ item levels higher than what you have with your two 1handed weapons. (also, that 2h is more bursty, so good for PVP, but I don’t care about that). Is this still the case? Thanks!

duel wielding is better for windwalker this xpac cause you get 2 sophic enchants compared to 1 with 2h.

This isn’t completely true. At least not right now.

For WW, DW usually starts off strong but falls off in favor of 2 Handers sometime during an expansion. A lot of this has to do with how the math works out for a lot of abilities as there are different modifiers based on if you are DW or using a 2 hander.

Copied from a fellow WW over on the monk disc.
“ap used in the tooltip is a small formula which is (6xwdps+agi)*0.98 for 2h and 4xmainhandwdps+2xoffhandwdps+agi for dualwield”

Since 2 handers have a higher wdps than that of 1 handers, eventually the math makes it to where 2 handers out scale DW.

That said: It’s also important to note, that sometimes weapons have cantrips or extra effects than can also impact the choice if you DW/2H. So it’s always safe to just sim yourself using something like Raidbots to help you make the right choice on if you should DW or use a 2H at different points in the game.


Addendum: A fight like Tindral where you can get massive Thunderfist every Strike of the Windlord also generally prefers DW when equal ilvl is considered. Otherwise you’re gonna have to download a swing timer.