2h Transmog = Ridiculous

Fury warriors duel wielding 2h weapons is just dumb. Sure, I get it from a balance perspective… but visually, it just looks ridiculous and is preventing me from getting into my character.

Having two massive 2h’s on my back all the time makes me look stupid. I’m having a really hard time role playing when I look ridiculous. Not my thing.

I can go to a vendor that evidently has so much magical power emanating from him that he can literally snap his fingers and make my flimsy hood look like a 25 pound steel juggernaut helmet… no problem. But ask him to make my giant sword look a little less giant… that’s a problem?


Single minded fury is the way for you


Are you asking a question?? :man_shrugging:t5: I’m just saying, design a Transmog that would look good with oversized two handed weapons OR find two hnd swords/weapons that don’t “look” two handed OR Fury spec with one handed weapons OR reroll a Frost DK OR a larger size race that wielding two hnd weapons in each hand looks better :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5::v:t5::v:t5:Good luck

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So use 1h weapons then.

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2h maces are pretty small compared to other 2h weapons…tryin mogging those


Just play single minded fury wtf people complain about everything


Literally did not know this was a thing. Problem solved.

The mace from ICC, Cryptmaker I believe, is 2 handed but isn’t big, actually looks decent.

It depends, especially with swords. There are several, mainly from classic/BC, that are two handers but are also very reasonable in size for Titan’s Grip mogs. The overall size of weapons has overall been getting a little absurd. Some of the ‘daggers’ in recent xpacs have been more like short swords.