285 ows+gavel

Could someone please explain to me how this pally has a 285 fated ows and gavel already?


I checked their logs and they have used the gavel in Fated CN and run keys with both.

Fix the bug or tell me how i can get this on my warrior.

Many thanks in advance.

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Looks like they swapped out gear

He put it back on. What kind of hacks is this??

I would report it to hacks@blizzard.com to avoid calling out a player on the forums, and since it appears it could be some kind of exploit, even if it originated as a bug. Although, now I’m just generally curious about how they managed to get these, too :thinking:

There was a bug with the weekly quest. I’m not sure when it happened, if it’s been present since Tuesday or not - but what I was told was that this player (and there are others I have seen with 285s from fated raids that are not out yet) basically just queued up LFR because it kept giving you the item drop every boss kill even if you already killed them on that difficulty or higher… but it has since been fixed from what I have heard

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The thing is - Gavel comes from SotFO and ows comes from SoD - both of these raids were never fated.

So explain how someone managed to get fated items from raids that wernt fated.

You cant upgrade non fated lfr items, the quest wasnt giving completion so there is no way they managed to complete the quest twice (50 kills needed) to get 2x dinars to purchase items from the vendor.

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If this is true, then bans better be forthcoming.

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